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BAND: Panzer Bastard
ALBUM: Gods, Thugs and Madmen 10"
YEAR: 2012
Written By: Attucks
Dec 28 2011

I, for some reason, have a hard time saying the name of this band. It is kind of like saying the words rural juror. I feel as though I am not saying it right even though I know I am.

The first thing I have to say about these 5 songs is the recording is amazing. The mix is pretty spot on but maybe just a tad over produced for my flavor. I will always take a pinch more rawness and noise over too much polish.

I think that the heavy bits might come off a bit macho to some more timid folks. It sort of makes me want to tear my shirt off and get all pissed about it in the pit, motherfucker! Don't get me wrong, everything I said can be taken as a positive or negative except for my rural juror problem, but straight up this record is a killer. These Boston boys bust out with some super ripping guitar riffs with crunchy tones. The thundering double bass and growling vocals help to complete the castigation of my cochlea nerves.

I read that Panzer Bastard's lyrical inspiration is war and violence! Yea, it shows. I swear, every time I listen to this I find it somewhere between Poison Idea and Pantera, with a heavy dose of Motorhead. They play at every speed from blast beats to tribal break downs and mid tempo hardcore jams that will sate anyone who has an appetite for good crossover. I say crossover because it sounds like hardcore played by guys who obviously love tons of metal.

The third song, 10 Years, is one of my favorites, all though it does not reflect the rest of the album. This particular track is more of a slow driving dirge compared to the other 4 songs of slamming, dirty Hardcore. I love the china boy count- ins. You even get some epic whoas being chanted in the background of that track. Fuck, it even has guitar solos!

These guys did some touring with Hellbastard in England last year and I guess are putting out a split with them soon as well. That's a whole lot of bastard. I was emailed this to review but this particular recording is being released as a ten inch record. Bad ass! Some people cry about ten inch records but I dig them and I am always stoked to find new ones. I will definitely pick this one up and look for their other records.

Panzerbastard - Gods, Thugs & Madmen by PATAC Records & Distro

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