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BAND: Overkill
ALBUM: The Electric Age
YEAR: 2012
Written By: Jason
Mar 27 2012

The boys from Jersey are back with a vengeance! Blitzs' vocals are as sharp and spine tingling as ever, DD's rolling bass sounds like the four horsemen of the apocalypse are going to arrive at any time! The twin guitar attack of Dereck Tailer and Dave Linsk are truly immaculate in their shredding format. Last, but certainly not least, Ron Lipinski's drum speed and precision are perfectly pounding and original. The Electric Age immediately sounds like a throwback to the late 80's Years of Decay/Under the Influence era. Production is superb. I have been an Overkill fan since the mid 80's-I bought the Feel the Fire LP because I thought the cover was cool and have been a rabid fan since. I have been waiting 10+ years for an album like this!

The pounding start of Come and Get it rolls in like thunder and soon builds into a shredding, galloping cool crescendo to a head banging master piece! Blitzs' vocals and shrieks are in top form and he proves it in this cool song.

Electric Rattlesnake continues at this pace, with a Sabbathesque break in the middle-a very cool sounding riff.

Wish you were dead continues the trend-my current favorite song of the album. The rolling bass and riffs of this song bring me back to I Hate and Elimination from the Years of Decay. This song kicks ass!

Black Daze is next-cool song-slow building with a resonating chorus. Heavy Groove. Piercing Vocals.

Save yourself is another fast paced galloping song that sounds like it came straight from Taking Over! Cool Chorus and great backing vocals.

Drop the Hammer Down continues in true thrash format. Great Guitar solo. This song is a true head banger. I hope they play it live-the pit will be HUGE!

21st Century Man has a rousing chorus and a cool vibe. Blitzs' vocals are in top form once again on this song. Awesome guitar solo too. Very Sabbathy in feel.

Old Wounds, New Scars brings back the old school feel. I can't help but think this song was written for a specific person- "Got a lot of mouth for a Jersey white boy." The emotion really comes through and you can feel the hatred. Scorching, blistering guitar breaks and break neck double kick drums give this song the kick ass true thrash feel. Very cool vocal effects...love this song!

All over but the shouting is a romping hell raising song. "Hell Raising, Drums Blazing-careful what you wish for you may get it NOW!" This tune has epic metal written all over it. Pain, pride and destruction are the theme.

Good Night is the last song - a cool, soft lullaby - like intro starts off. The song quickly turns in to a classic Overkill kick ass, romping song. Very cool break in the middle with thunderous drums.

This day and age it is rare to actually like every song on a disc. I can honestly tell you that NONE of these songs disappoint me as a long time Overkill fan. It took me back to the late 80's and one of the original thrash bands continues to reign supreme over their East Coast Jersey haunts. Buy it-you won't be sorry!

OVERKILL - Electric Rattlesnake (OFFICIAL SONG) by Nuclear Blast Records

OverKill - Wish You Were Dead (Lyric Video) by KOCHRECORDS

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