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BAND: Out Of Tune
ALBUM: House Of Lies
YEAR: 2011
Written By: Josh Mosh
Sep 22 2011

The backyard party scene of LA is really its own entity.  From my understanding and what I have seen it, for the most part, remains separate from a lager more organized or even understood and recognized punk scene.  There are band that don't leave the backyard scene, in fact to do so, to play in actual venues, even DIY one, is often times considered selling out.

I've played several of these backyard parties over the years and I will be the first one to tell how fucking insane they are!  Violent is an understatement as kids from the same scene beat the hell out of each other in between swilling cheap beer and chasing girls.  I saw some dude get cracked right in the fricken' head with a skateboard, it was so loud you could hear it over the music.  Once, a kid even got stabbed near our van just before the LAPD came pouring over the concrete walls that surrounded the yard.   The last backyard party I played I spent half the show hiding under the merch table as 100+ kids just beat the fuck out of each other, I wanted no part of that action!   To re-cap and re-state:  The LA backyard party scene is over the fucking top!

With all of that said some bands do break out and get things going for themselves.  OUT OF TUNE is one such band.  Originating in the backyard party scene the band was forced to take a 10 year hiatus.  But now that is behind them and they marching forward with the experience of seasoned veterans as the band boasts Maury (SMD) and Big Mike  (THREATENING VERSE, RF7, DECRY, etc) in its ranks as well other tenured members in Guero on guitar and Mike on vocals.

OUT OF TUNE cranks out some serious hardcore punk with riffage that, although it's somewhat basic, gets the job done.  The term old-school punk gets tossed around a lot and often gets misused or becomes a style to emulate.  80's US Hardcore has become somewhat of a trend and there are plenty of new bands that try to capture the look or the sound and, to me, often fall flat.  OUT OF TUNE isn't trying to be something, they are not trying to ride the latest hardcore trend or fad, they simply are.  They are the band and the sound that so many of these newer bands are trying to be like.  But this is the real deal holmes, this is LA Hardcore or more specifically Pico Rivera Hardcore!

The back up vocals are full but not the gang vocal chants that became so popular at one time too.  Mike's lead vocal is a heart felt and honest shout and lyrically he tackles religion, pollution, and the problem of Nazi's and racists that hang around the scene.  Topics that might seem common to punk in general, but really understanding where these guys are from you see how this may have a more direct impact on their daily lives than others.  In most cities and scenes Nazi Skinheads are a problem reminiscent of the 80's and 90's.  In Southern California this is still and issue.  And, unless you live under a rock you know the issues California is having with fresh water.  There is not enough fresh water, we are running out and some areas (SoCal, LA), are going to be hit harder than others, water really is going to become the new oil.

Even though they come from a world that would eat some of these modern, hip, hardcore bands alive they have not let it taint them as individuals.  OUT OF TUNE are a bunch of nice fucking guys!  This is a kick ass CD and a glimpse into the real LA punk scene.  Contact the band directly and I am sure you get the CD for a very fair price!


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