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Written By: Josh Mosh
Aug 24 2011

OUT OF TUNE play hardcore punk.

And they don't fuck around.  From the backyard party scene of Los Angeles comes this power house hardcore band from Pico Rivera.  With members of SMD and THREATENING VERSE they are veterans of the greater LA hardcore and punk scenes.  And these dudes have some stories!  Have you ever been to a backyard show in LA?  Fucken' crazy!  Their benefit show for tour led to a dude getting stabbed and the police locking the bock down!  The band took a black eye, a minor stab wound and noise pollution ticket.  Fucking brutal!!!  I've been to and played plenty of those shows, spent the last one hiding under the merch table.

This interview was done on their recent stop in Denver and was filmed in my back yard with brief appearance by my son.  Big Mike missed the interview cuz he was sleeping!

Part I

ThrashHead interviews OUT OF TUNE by ThrashHead Magazine

Part II

Part II of the OUT OF TUNE by ThrashHead Magazine

Check out this video from their tour kick off show!  At about 2:50 the LAPD helicopter shows up and it gets all crazy!!!

Out of Tune live in Whittier 8-12-11 by Rptyle

Check out their FaceBook page.


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