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BAND: Opposition Rising
ALBUM: Aftermathmatics
YEAR: 2012
Written By: Josh Mosh
Feb 22 2012

"Opposition Rising, against your tyranny! Opposition Rising, the end of your regime!" And so is the battle cry of Boston's OPPOSITION RISING.

Right out of the gates this is a god damned punk rock tour-de-fucking force! Bill and company do an excellent job of crisscrossing punk rock sub-genres by taking the catchy, sing along, anthems of 80's hardcore, down tuning them and adding a bit of crust-punk grittiness. Much like Bill's earlier projects (TOXIC NARCOTIC and MOUTH SEWN SHUT) OPPOSITION RISING will surely find an audience with hardcore kids, thrashers, crust punk warriors and even the street punks.

Every chorus is memorable and even after a single listen you are able to shout along in defiance against the rich, the state and our oppressors in general. "The rich , the rich are killing the poor, they're addicted to greed and corrupt to the core!" Fuck the rich! I'm feeling it man! Every song empowers the listener and begs for a riot right here and right now. Riot in my living room! Flip over the couch, kick over the lamp, set fire to the coffee table and piss in the front yard! Fuck the man! Fuck the system! Crank the stereo and run down the street naked!

Seriously though...This record is almost perfect, I don't even know what they could have been better. The only better would have maybe been if this was a new Judas Priest album in my hands that rivaled the superiority of 'Screaming'! BUT IT IS NOT! It's is OPPOSITION RISING and they know how to write a mother-fuckin' punk rock song. They have the riffs, the hooks, gruff vocals, chanting choruses and even little reggae parts to shake your butt to.

This record is an almost instant classic and the band has made incredibly easy to get your hands on. You download it right off their site for free, acquire one of the free CDs or get yourself a vinyl copy from Tank Crimes, Profane Existence or anywhere else that distributes DIY punk.

As is becoming more common in these times of dire economic hardships it is a split label release which means a bunch of people threw some money in the pot to help this record see the light of day. There have been 1000 records press, 400 on Black Vinyl from Opposition Records, 100 Green Splatter via Active Rebellion, 100 purple splatter on Crash Assailant, 100 Black, Silver and White Stripped available on Pirates Press Records, 100 Swamp Green on Riot Ska Records, 100 Neon Yellow Splatter from Rodent Popsicle and finally 100 clear via Tankcrimes Records...phew!


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