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Written By: Dave
Mar 26 2012

I want to start things off by giving Tony who IS Mosh Pit Army a huge clap on the back. There was a little confusion on my will call tickets, we weren't on "the list". He was super cool and checked with the bands and came back and gave us the thumbs up. He does a really good job on getting great bands into Phoenix.

The first band up was WARHEAD. A four piece thrash outfit from Chandler. These four KIDS tore it up. I say kids because two of them are 19 and two of them are16. These dudes have study the thrash manual to a T all the way down to there skinny jeans ,high top sneakers, twin guitar attack and stellar drum playing. These guys definitely have a future. I look forward to seeing these guys again. These guys remind me of an early version of DEATH!!!!

Next was Death Awaits. A four piece from I am not sure where. They played a good set of technical death with black metal like vocals. Good band. Back in the early 90s these guys would have been on a bunch of sampler cd.

Mpire of Evil came on stage and had there been a roof on the place they would have removed it!!! This mighty three pieces opened with COUNTESS BATHORY!!!! I am huge Bathory /Venom fan. I knew we would hear some Venom stuff but didn't realize how cool it would be!!! I was not familiar with their debut release? I am now!! From start to finish Demolition Man and Mantas rocked the stage. The sound was dialed in pretty well and even at front row the music was crisp. The closer was ... Black Metal/ Witching Hour!! Holy hell Fire it was incredible!!! Lay Down Your Soul to the Gods Rock and Roll!!!!!! After their set we went back stage for a couple of pix. As we were getting ready to snap some shots Demolition Man ran out and came back with 2 cds of their new album for me and my camera man mike. These cats were hella cool!!!

ONSLAUGHT!!!! Now I have to preface this with I have not listened to ANY Onslaught since the late 90's. I do remember ordering their first demo out of Thrasher magazine back in 85/86? These guys have definitely progressed and perfected the ONSLAUGHT sound. Sy Keeler still has the pipes. He hits the highs and the lows perfectly. After the show he had complained of poor sound quality but I assured him it sound GREAT from where I was at. Nige and the rest of the band rocked the evening. They played a lot of tunes from the Force album. All good solid live rockers!!! One tune from the Edge of Sanity album. Sy pulled that off without the cheesiness that is Steve Grimmett. Closed with ONSLAUGHT which took me right back to the old days!!!!!! All in all it was a great show!!! I talked with Sy and Nige after the show. Nige was a cool dude even after I put my foot in my mouth by asking him how long he had been with the band. Sorry Nige!!!!!

I know that both of these bands are veteran bands and musicians. The Demolition Man's stage performance was an absolute show stealer!!!! Not to take anything away from Onslaught but Mpire of Evil was the show!!!!

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