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BAND: Occultist
ALBUM: Hell By Our Hands (Cassette)
YEAR: 2012
Written By: Rene
Apr 12 2012

occultist tape cover

Holy cow! Does anything bad come out of the RVA? Here's a band which I was turned onto by Tim Hutchens of Hot Graves, and I gotta tell you, things have not changed one iota; the best way to find music has, and always shall be, by word of mouth!

This album by Occultist reminds me of one of those short dudes you run into at the bar while you're full of a tequila induced bravado, you know the guy, the one everyone thinks they can lay out with one good punch, but he ends up being a wild maniac who fights to the death! Yeah, that's what this little EP is about, it's fast (watch out for that left hook!) and heavy as hell!

All four tracks let loose with a tight barrage of punk styled screams and beats backed by a sick grinding force of insane metal guitar work. It's an undeniable beast of viciousness and tasty insanity!

It opens up with "Gamma Tomb" and classic punk reverb which tells you an F fucking 5 is about to sweep bodies up from the pit, whirl their asses around and deposit them in a quivering lump of flesh and broken bones over in the corner.

Next is "Consumed Of The Dead", and uhhh well, if there was ever a song tailor made for the aforementioned pit, this is it! NUFF SAID!

"Suppressed Populations"...what the...? Is this perfection? Yes, it may very well be; thrash and punk with a few blackened growls thrown in...I am not quite sure what to say, killer rhythms, punk HB strut like change about half-way through, axe melting fucking leads....what the hell is it? What snobby, elitist genre tag do I throw at it? Fuck it, I give up! All I'll say is what I used to tellĀ  friends when I was a kid; it's fucking cool as hell!

And finally, "Messiah Cleaver" switches it up with an unmistakable riff forged in the furnace of some Nordic Black Metal god which thrusts the song into a blinding fury of cymbal tapping, crunching guitars, a hyper fast four string and yelling mayhem throughout!

Done writing now, starting it over again from track one, turning up the volume, goodbye.

Four "well seasoned" veterans of the Boston Punk and Hardcore scene!
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