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BAND: Oathbreaker
ALBUM: Maelstrom
YEAR: 2011
Written By: Josh Mosh
Jul 09 2011

A strained scream cuts across the landscape of heavy, dark hardcore.  There is no long drawn out intro, OATHBREAKER cut right to the chase with their twist on the FROM ASHES RISE formula injecting their own calculations which include slightly more metallic leads and riffage backed by a monstrous drum sound.

The second track 'Heirophant' starts out with a pounding anthemic metal intro that would make the crustiest of metal punx happy.  From there they burst into more hardcore that even brings to mind BORN AGAINST.

This debut packs a ferocious energy that gets harder and harder to find these days.  Throughout the entire album all levels everywhere are maxed and the fury is on the verge of a total implosion, like the sun turning into a red giant before it implodes on its self.

The guitar leads on 'Thoth' would even get nod from the hairiest of Metalheads.  'Black Sun' lets off the gas a little but does not give up any intensity.  The vocals are still ripping their desperate shriek with as much anger as on the speedier tracks.  I don't think anyone told the vocalist they were doing a slower (yet heavy as fuck) song.  The vocals  just go wild abandon crazy like all hell!

The final track 'Maelstrom' isn't short of surprises.  This acoustic track is a haunting mood changer from the bludgeoning we just got over the last 8 songs.  And then this Edie Brickel female vocal cuts in...Whoa...totally thrown for a loop here.  And then it all dawned on me...The vocals on the whole album are by this same person who is now singing such a beautiful melody over this peaceful acoustic piece.  This sweet voice is the same that tore me a new ass for 8 straight songs!  Fucken' gnarly!  Way to go!

Like the Schipperke, OATHBREAKER is from Belgium and they just fucking kick ass.

OATHBREAKER "Origin" by Deathwishinc

Four "well seasoned" veterans of the Boston Punk and Hardcore scene!
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