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ALBUM: A Civilized World

Aborted Society Records / 1122 E Pike #1377 / Seattle WA

Written By: Josh Mosh
May 14 2011

NUX VOMICA easily subscribe to that Northwestern sound.  I suppose when it is cloudy and gloomy more than it is sunny and bright the music and art will reflect that. 

Most of us are familiar with that Northwestern crust punk sound as the region has obviously spit out some amazing bands.  There is always a darkness and a sense of depression that is shared as the common thread amongst these bands and with that said NUX VOMICA strays none too far from that formula. 

The TRAGEDY comparison is far too easy but completely unavoidable.  IRON MAIDEN has become incredibly boring in their old age, with their best years behind them they meander in the land of prog rock.  Even so, they are still held in high regards and worshipped on the altar of Heavy Metal.  The guitar harmonies and gallops found through this disc are borrowed right from the grooves of recent era IRON MAIDEN. 

The last of three ingredient recipe to this album is Black Metal.  Someone in this band likes DARK THRONE.  The production is nothing shy of amazing and almost too perfect.  It may be that I am listening to the CD, and we all know how CDs can often sound very sterile compared to the vinyl version of the same recording, but I find the recording void of soul.  Like I said, it’s too perfect and sometimes seems to lack emotion and heart.  It is quite possible that these elements were stripped from the recordings in their transition to a digital format.  The cover art is fucking badass and is a full color painting of what I assume to be Nux Vomica growing up through a human corpse.  It’s a pretty trippy painting and possibly illustrates how strong nature is and that even after humans have destroyed themselves life will go on in some form or another.

The rest of the packaging has some other cool drawings and the whole insert folds out into a pretty cool little poster.   Nice work on the packaging.  NUX VOMICA has a pretty good buzz about them right now and we’ll see where it takes them.

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