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BAND: Nux Vomica
ALBUM: Embrace the Cycles 7" EP
YEAR: 2012
Written By: Val
Mar 07 2012

Here we have yet another great record in a string of great records from Aborted Society Records. NUX VOMICA have been raging for almost 10 years now and with this Embrace The Cycles EP they show that they have lost none of the passion they have carried along the way.

This is a massive record despite its small format. Haunting and atmospheric, with layers upon layers of rhythms and sounds. At times acoustic and introspective, at other times evocative and droning at others times ferocious and rampaging . There is so much going on but it all works as a cohesive unit building upon itself, growing, expanding and forming into a work of art that is emotionally powerful and moving to say the least. There is also a strange but effective use of multiple rhythms and time signatures that make this sound very unique while still remaining straightforward and unpretentious. I really like the way they used an acoustic interlude as the outro on side A and as the intro to side B. It really keeps this flowing and gives the sense of solid foundation. It all feels so organic and natural.

I am also impressed by the way this little slab seems to defy categorization in my mind. The complexity of it all makes for a genre bending record that will stay on my turntable for a long time to come. Try to imagine the bastard child of FROM ASHES RISE, CARCASS and MORNE and you are in the ballpark. ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL!!!!

Seems like maybe this took a while to finally surface since it was recorded back in 2010. Mine came on cool grey and red swirl vinyl with a mini poster too.
There is supposed to be an LP on the way and I can't wait to get a copy if this is any indication of their current course...

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