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BAND: Nunfuckritual
ALBUM: In Bondage To The Serpent
YEAR: 2011
Written By: Brian Brinson
Jan 03 2012

nunfuckritual in bondage to the serpent album cover art

Teloch (Nidingr, Mayhem), Espen T. HangÄrd (Altaar), Dan Lilker (Brutal Truth,Nuclear Assault, ex Anthrax) and Andreas Jonsson (Tyrant), some of the most vile under-names in metal, have given rise to something profoundly new...NUNFUCKRITUAL, the true spawn of a dark and blasphemous unity. Finding its genesis in 2006 when Teloch shared riffs with Espen, NUNFUCKRITUAL determined its own path to existence, becoming a completely founded, trans-Atlantic behemoth.

With incredible guitar precision, the deep, syrupy chords are brilliantly complimented by the heaviness of the bass and the lumbering dirge of the funerary drumming, and iced with very eerie, blood curdling vocal depressants. Although very slow and sludgy, this album is an amazing extension of what these musicians have been commonly known for in the past, and breaks any mold once formed for them before, displaying incredible talent and never once losing my attention the entire time through the nearly 50 minute, 6 track length.

"Christotokos", being one of my chosen favorites off this album, gives the listener the feeling of being caught in a storm at sea, bringing itself into creation with the creaking of boards while the wind whips and whines, then lending itself once again to the perverse doom that is NUNFUCKRITUAL. "Cursed Virgin, Pregnant Whore" lends itself to the feel of a gypsy caravan before venturing into an epic blast away from the entire rest of the album. This album is a symphony of dark genius and a must own!!!
"Komodo Dragon, Mother Queen" even features guest vocals by Attila Csihar (Mayhem, Sunn O))), Aborym) and Ravn (1349).

Given the title "In Bondage To The Serpent" and released in October of 2011 by Debemur Morti Productions and produced by Teloch himself, this tri-fold digipack also features front cover art by Christian Sloan Hall, logo by Valnoir Mortasonge, and band photography by Carsten Aniksdal.

Sure, you could live without this album, but why try?
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