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ALBUM: Soviet Rust Belt 7”
YEAR: 2009
Written By: Josh Mosh
Jun 08 2011

This release is slightly older but details like release dates don't mean as much in punkdom where it may take a band several years to get the money together for another release.  Especially if it is not something as high profile as say a new release by the likes of TRAGEDY or SLAYER!  With that, this 7" was released in '09. 

I had never heard of these dudes until I was lucky enough to see them tear the shit out of Beerland at the Chaos in Tejas fest.  Funny thing was I met the bass player the night before in front of the stage at the CRO-MAGS show before they started playing the room went ape shit. 

He was talking about how he had 'Age of Quarrel' on cassette when he was 13.  Anyway, I immediately recognized him as soon as NUKKEHAMMER took the stage.  This 3 piece from Ohio is fucking intense!  So much artistically placed feedback and gnarly aggression that I thought the paint would star peeling off the Beerland logo at the back of the stage.  I never really checked so it might have! 

The 7" does a fair job of capturing their spastic sound as they thrash their way through a song per inch of the record.  For a straight up comparison NUKKEHAMMER is the second coming of 'Animosity' era CORROSSION OF CONFORMITY.  Hell, if you told me nothing of this band and just played the record for me you could probably convince me these were lost tracks from the 'Animosity' recording sessions. 

The bass player (who guys by the name Teeth) and the guitar player (Hair) trade off vocals throughout the record and the live performance with  the agonized screams of fighting raccoons.  I can hear the raccoons fight some nights on the side of the fence and damn it sounds something like a Mike Dean / Hair / Teeth vocal slushy.  The lyrics are apocalyptic, bleak and simple as they scream out rants like "Rampaging weapons technology, sick fucks found another way, to nukke the forest, blast it away!" on the track 'Charred Forest'.  They don't fit into the D-Beat mold that many of the bands that day did and that is what really made them stand out to me. 

The 7" was a great souvenir of their bombastic set in Austin.  This is simply one of the best records that have picked up in a long time, again it doesn't follow the trends of what's hip or cool but at the same time really exhibits where these old school rockers are coming from.  Props to old dudes for keeping it real and keeping it fresh!

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