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BAND: Nuestros Derechos
ALBUM: Adrift
YEAR: 2011
Written By: Rene Trujillo
Jan 07 2012

nuestros derechos playing live

This Dutch DIY trio, who call themselves Nuestros Derechos, "Our Rights" in Spanish, really do lay down the chords and blast beats which are undeniably thrash metal, yet, with some sick bass lines and singing that help drive this album towards punk; I guess I could define these guys as being more along the lines of Crust... but yet, I still hesitate to call this offering full blown Crust.

Other's may want to define the combo of styles on this album, after hearing a track like "Soil To Embrace" which is different in style to most of the other songs, as being more akin to Metalcore. But, the album is devoid of the bubble-gum, made for the mainstream sound so prevalent among most Metalcore outfits...Adrift's heaviness lies somewhere in-between the two and its speed alone, should tear down most of those comparisons, if there are any, without dubbing it Thrashcore...god, I hate subgenre b.s.!

The vocals (shared and complimented by Jerry on guitar and Janet on bass) are, at times, like those from Wattie, screaming with social and politically charged rage (the sinking ship on the album cover is named "Humanity"), while at other times, coming down to a death metal growl of damnation. You add the complexity of the thrash metal influenced guitar work with the vocal styles, thumping bass, Johnny's hyper blasting on the drums and it becomes the type of music where you could easily imagine punx mixing it up with headbangers in the pit. Just listen to the opening track "Under The Surface" and you'll know exactly where I am coming from.

This album is no mere simple thrash offering; for example, "Koyaanisqatsi" introduces a whole new facet to these guys; an instrumental which is both technical and melodic with the tandem duo of an acoustic guitar and cello (I wonder if Janet is playing it) ; it is a haunting and bittersweet interlude between the riotous, mosh generators of "Lost Vegas" and "Trash Vortex".

At first, there is something nagging at me while I listen to this album; something I can't quite put my finger on. As I said before, there is Thrash Metal, there is Punk with a sprinkling of Groove and Death...then, it dawns on me, that there certainly does seem to be a common thread in the style among many of the albums I've listened to this year; an amalgam of all that has come before, a natural evolution caused by being influenced by several genres of music rather than just centering around and emulating one.

Maybe there has yet to be a new subgenre dreamt up to nail a definition to bands like Nuestros Derechos, I wonder if there even should be.

I dig the riffing, the rhythms, the rage...the overall velocity and style of "Adrift" will certainly give it a wide a appeal to many.

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