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BAND: Nuclear
ALBUM: Jehovirus
YEAR: 2011
Written By: Rene Trujillo
Oct 11 2011

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Arica, in northern Chile, has been known for many things, from world class surf to a history dating back beyond its founding in 1540.  But over a decade ago from this Chilean port, arose a thrash band which will most assuredly make the town as famous as the Potosi silver which was once shipped to Spain from it; the band's name? Nuclear!

Throughout Latin America, we are seeing, as is the case in the Middle East, a surge of some really outstanding bands; from Mexico City to Buenos Aires, thrash metal is alive and well!

As I've hinted, Nuclear isn't exactly a new band; they've been at this since at least '97 and I've had a chance to hear their incredible Album "Ten Broken Codes" before, but I have to say with all honesty that this current release is a true mind melt of blast beat righteousness!

Let's do this thing! I roll the first track and I am crushed by a massive reinforced concrete wall of metal supremacy, with some really sweet old school changes, slowing it down just a bit with a veritable buffet of tasty chords. "Belligerence" is the track's name, and stereo devastation is it's game!

You know, I really dig it when the first song out the gate tells you that this isn't going to be an album of monotony where each song tries to outdo the previous with nothing fresh to offer other than increasing a  blistering fast tempo.   We've all heard those albums, where bands seem to have forgotten when to ease back on the throttle just a tad just at the right times; one song is exactly like the previous..pound pound, pound, growl, growl, growl.  Not so here folks, even the singing changes styles from here to there...nice!

Nuclear is damn good at this, they can keep up the intensity and make changes without blowing it.  For example, the third song on the album "Asphyxia" shreds at hypersonic speeds, with some masterful riffs thrown in while bringing it down just a notch as a build up to the next wave of sonic obliteration.  It's the classic thrash metal formula with a serious amount of horsepower!

As I've said once, I am sure I'll say it thousand times more, I really don't like comparing bands in my reviews much, but this is one case where it may, I EMPHASIZE "MAY", give you an idea of where these guys are coming from; throughout the album I got the same type of vibe that I get when I roll a bit of Destruction and Sodom; though slower than let's say a band from back in the day like Wehrmacht , you still might need a radar gun to clock this badboy.

Each track rips it up, with some highlights being: the aforementioned "Asphyxia", "Brutal Yet Precise", "Act Of Depravity" and my favorite "Defleshed"...hell, who am I kidding? The whole thing shreds!

¡Viva Chile! ¡Viva Arica! ¡Viva Thrash Metal! ¡Viva Nuclear!

NUCLEAR - Criminal Solicitation - Official Videoclip by Nuclear

Four "well seasoned" veterans of the Boston Punk and Hardcore scene!
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