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BAND: No Stayer
ALBUM: First E.P. (Undesired b/w Forest By The Mountain Single)
YEAR: 2012


Written By: Rick
Dec 07 2012

Here we have a metal band with a punkish underbelly from Philadelphia, PA that has been together since 2009. They are influenced by a bunch of different metal genres, some punk and some thrash bands and it shows in their music, but not in a bad way at all. This is their first release and it's a good jumping in point.

They have a feel of the bands of the new wave of British heavy metal and some more heaviness mixed into their two tracks which are both really good. The singer has a bit of a Lemmy from Motorhead growl to his voice and the band plays very tightly behind him. They have a very well produced e.p. with everything being mixed together really cleanly and easily heard, with nothing overpowering anything so you get all the heaviness of this two song e.p.

They have a real grower on their hands here, one that keeps getting better and feels like a classic release, not a throwaway like a lot of bands trying to do this kind of music. I really hope that they keep up the good ground work that they have started with this release and keep putting out great songs like this in the future. I really think that this could be one of those releases that you will keep on listening to for a long time, plus this is also available on colored vinyl in only 25 copies, so you know it's probably gone already. Check them out if they come to your town, and go buy some stuff from their webstore and check out their Facebook page.

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