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ALBUM: Black Horizon EP
YEAR: 2012


Written By: Fish
Apr 02 2012

Nexhymn promotional poster

Using a combination of the Latin word, NEX, meaning death, especially that which is aligned to slaughter, murder, or extreme pain, and HYMN, which is a song of praise, NEXHYMN finds its name and determines the message this band will purvey. Their debut album, "Black Horizon", although only 6 tracks in length, offers a powerful journey through a world of brutal destinations at the end of life's course. The heavy tones and overall fatalistically doomed sense that comes through in the amazing musicianship of this album is more than reason enough to let this one play again. Oh, did I happen to mention, formed in 2010, NEXHYMN is a female-fronted American death metal band from Denver, Colorado? I just did.

Holly Wedel (Torrid Flesh) covers a range of depth noted generally to men in this arena of metal, but she doesn't let on for one minute that this business is theirs alone, handing you your own ass with these quite impressive brutal death metal vocals. Ivan Alcala (Serberus, Throcult) handles the fervent plague of guitar battling with Rudy Hernandez, blending a pattern of old school and newer death metal riffs, never once disturbing the integrity of its tradition. Tyler Cantrell follows this performance brilliantly on his bass, even lending a grinding punchiness to his involvement. Pete Gonzalez (Evulsion, Satan's Host) adds a fusion of attacking double bass transitions and crisp changes with a speed and precision reserved for drummers of high caliber, doing as the rest of this band does---proving they are nowhere near new to these fields. Indeed, some of Denver's more seasoned veterans came together to give life to NEXHYMN!!

I could begin anywhere on the album and be discussing a brutal piece of performance that certainly continues to define the essence of death metal. "Undetermined Supplication", the second track, is an account of the misfortune of religious brainwashing, resulting in the heinous actions of one individual, expecting immunity because of forgiveness, turning into a life ended at the hands of vigilante convicts. The craft of this musicianship takes me through even the emotions of despair I would imagine one feeling at the realization that their end is met.

Recorded by Jeff Alexis at Firestorm Studios, Denver, CO and mixed and mastered by Dave Otero of Flatline Audio, Denver, CO, this disc is a quality of production only suited for these heralding demons of dark ends. Featuring the artwork of Nick Jackson, "Black Horizon" is presented in digipack format, featuring band photos and the "Decaying Monument" video, and can be purchased by contacting the band on Facebook, but NEXHYMN can also be followed on Myspace, and Reverbnation

Nexhymn Decaying Monument Video by Rod Brown

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