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07 Jun 2011

Evan Seinfeld Leaves Biohazard

Original lineup member and frontman Evan Seinfeld leaves (fired?) Biohazard.

03 Jun 2011

Chaos In Tejas Moves Beyond Just Punk

Apparently Chaos In Tejas is going far beyond just Punk.

01 Jun 2011

Apple Announces iCloud Service

Apple announces new iCloud Service for hosting your music files. Really, another…

24 May 2011 Launches

Welcome to an online magazine dedicated to hardcore punk rock and…

22 May 2011

CDC issues Zombie apocalypse survival guide!

Worried about the end of the world when the dead walk the earth?

16 May 2011

Ronnie James Dio

One year ago today one of Rock's most phenomenal singers passed away from stomach…

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