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Written By: Rene Trujillo
Sep 21 2011

Ok, this week let's get things rolling right with LA's Tribal Grind Crust Warriors RESISTANT CULTURE!!! These guys have just announced that this fall they are going to launch the "Beneath The Concrete" West Coast / Midwest tour this fall, check out the flyer for dates and places! AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME!! DO NOT MISS THIS FOLKS! And if you have not seen it yet, we included their kick ass video as well.

resistant culture west coast tour


In other news, Hot Graves has just released a follow up to their well received Desecration Time 7” titled "Knights in White Phosphorus" and the cool thing is you can have a listen right now of this Crusty Brutality!

And not only that, but they'll also be playing at the Forward To The Apocalypse Fest 2011 at The Wormhole (21 and up 2307 Bull Street) in Savannah, GA. with the likes of Fuck The Facts, Strong Intention, Phobia, Cough, Dead Yet? and others on the 11th and 12th of November.

forward to the apocalypse fest

The full lineup so far is:

Friday: November 11th



Saturday: November 12th



It will promise to be a brutal thrash, hardcore, crust experience!

Ticket Info: Two day passes are available for $20.00 and individual day passes are available for $12.50 advance via paypal account (no extra surcharges apply.) Advance sales end Nov. 9th. Door price $15.00 per day.

Also, Social Conspiracy Records Members get a 50% discount as a way of saying thanks for another year of supporting Social Conspiracy.

Have a listen to a few bands showin' up:





Now to Brazil, where local thrashers Slasher has just released their debut, "Pray For The Dead", Lúcio Nunes reached out to us to share the info. He said: “We worked hard to make it happen. It was only possible with the support received from our friends and fans. We gratefully thank to the support and affection received! This is the only way to keep the Brazilian's underground scene alive and make it grow bigger.”
The album is available at Slasher's Site, he also turned us onto the video for their single "Hate" check it out...

Slasher - Hate (Official Video) by Slasher Thrash

Also, real quick, the people at Hydra Head Records wanted us to share with you some cool news about albums they're putting out (all are being released on the same day: October 25th).botch

The band Botch is simply put, legends in the Mathcore genre, matter of fact, some say one of the bands that brought that genre into being. Well, for fans of Botch, there is a 2 Lp repress of their album "We Are The Romans". If you're into Botch, then it's a must have! Starting next week, around the 28th, you will be able to pre-order that badboy.

Botch - Man The Ramparts by realmuzak

The new offering from Dominick Fernow's noise music project PRURIENT, titled: "Time's Arrow" . Unlike the Botch album, this one is ready for pre-orders now.

jesuAnd rounding up the Hydra Head score, is yet another 2LP repress of the self-titled Jesu album which first saw the light of day back in 2004. Named after the last track of the English industrial Metal band Godflesh's final album "Hymns", Jesu , founded by former Godflesh front man Justin Broadrick, brings forth some heavy influences and presses them into this post-metal masterpiece.

This one will be available for preorder the same day as the Botch album.

And now, we want to add a new feature to our weekly news, on the Social Machines we have a lot of bands who are either following us on Twitter, Facebook , and In Da Pit and we thought that it would be cool to share some of their music with you each week, at least those who are on services like Bandcamp, Soundcloud and Reverbnation.

To start the show, let's begin with The Worshyp, they're a metal band based out of Toronto who just launch their album, we mention them, cause they were one of the very first bands that we ran into on Twitter when we first began ThrashHead.

Here's a taste of their album:


Next up is Rhode Island hardcore / thrashheads Rampant Decay whose split 7" with Insult we reviewed here. We like 'em then, we love 'em now. Listen:


The most recent addition to our buds on the social machines is Madam Trashy, who has a real mix of styles to their unique sound. You can check their album "Book Of Dead" now, it's a name your price offering, so if you download, give 'em something to fuel their tour van with.

There's Black Flame 13, Sean Harrison has been chilling with us for quite awhile, he's a great guy, politically/socially aware and at times, funny as hell...we love ya man.


And we have to mention these guys, legacy metal / hard rock masters Iron Claw, these guys have been tearing it up from way back in the day...great group of guys, always talking and having a blast when they're not rockin'.

And lastly, for this week at least, is U.K. Thrash masters Evile, yep you heard correctly, Ol Drake the guitarist for the band which put out the new metal classic Five Serpent's Teeth, hangs with us from time to time.


Remember, each week, we are going to throw down with a new set group of bands, at least until this list is finished and we create a new one for others who have joined. Remember, most, if not all of 'em have pages across the social networks, so if you're not on one, check out and connect on another. We have big names and new names, we will mix 'em up a bit.

Note to some of our buds, If we haven't mentioned you yet, not to worry your time will come, unless you're still on MySpace or your music isn't embeddable.

Elvis has left the building..."Thank ya very much"

Four "well seasoned" veterans of the Boston Punk and Hardcore scene!
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