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Written By: Rene Trujillo
Oct 13 2011

the and hardluck kings halloween "shred till yer fingers bleed" guitar giveaway!

First of all, we can't even begin to describe how stoked we are about the following; we and the HardLuck Kings, manufacturers of true blue, badass Guitars, are offering each and every guitarist out there chance to win a brand new axe! That's right all this month, you can enter our Halloween "Shred Till Yer Fingers Bleed" Guitar Giveaway!! Just click on the image above for more details. Remember, life is all about taking chances, let's hear what ya got!!

Don't know about you, but we are really digging the resurgence of thrash metal here lately and as you folks probably know, Evile is going to tour the U.K. with fellow Brit thrash heads Savage Messiah.  Savage Messiah's  new , as of yet to be titled, album is expected to hit the scene in early 2012.  And since there has been a real buzz concerning this album, they've decided to release a track for you to check out. And here it is: "The Accuser"

Savage Messiah - The Accuser (Advance Mix) by Earache Records

This is cool, Austin based d-beat crust masters Deadly Reign (check out our interview with Raygunn) has just released a video for their song "End Of Days"!

Deadly Reign - End Of Days (Official Music Video) by Beau Patrick Coulon

givepraise album art

Got some sick Give Praise news here, they are streaming some killer new and upcoming releases! Buried At Birth is streaming a track from the upcoming album "Force/Quit" here if you'd like to check it out.

And if you'd like to listen to the ultra rad Brody's Milita/ Antiseen EP or the Merda/Mortos Pela Escola split, you can do so right here!

Swinging back to metal, we've been given the heads up that a track from Lord Volture's second release "Never Cry Wolf" is up for you to check out. On Lord Volture's first album "Beast of Thunder" made some headlines when it was found out that Annihilator's Jeff Waters made an appearance on the Album. Well it appears they are going to continue the tradition on this album as well including singer Sean Peck from Cage.  Want a taste? Fine, here ya go!

Minutes to Madness by lordvolture

Now for you fans of the New York proto-punk, pre-glam rockers who influenced everyone from Morrissey to Twisted sister , it seems a dvd is going to hit on the 22nd of November which contains some extremely rare new york dolls dvd cover artappearances and footage. New York Dolls "Lookin' Fine On Television",  a film from legendary rock photog Bob Gruen and wife Nadya, highlights shows at mythic NYC clubs like Kenny's, Castaways, Max's Kansas City, and even some stuff from the west coast at the Whiskey A Go Go.  Several classic songs can be caught, such as "Personality Crisis", "Human Being", "Vietnamese baby" and "Babylon" among others.  And as an extra bonus the ultra rare 1976 Lisa Robinson interview with David Johansen and Johnny Thunders is included.  Not sure if a young Blackie Lawless makes an appearance though for those of you wondrin'.

New York Dolls - Lookin Fine On Television by MVDEntertainmentGrp

album artFor those of you are into the legendary 80's metal/crust U.K. heavyweights, Hellbastard, it seems Profane Existence has got the hook up for you! They have the re-released "Heading For Internal Darkness" LP, which also includes an extra track which first made its appearance on a limited EP from Temple Of Love Records / SUI.  You can score that bad boy here.

Also, from PE, comes a brand new single from the UK Punk veterans Anti-Nowhere League titled "This is War", it comes on a 7" picture disc and includes a "unique" version of "Good as it Gets" on the backside... check it!

In more release news, for all of you folks who aren't into fluffy little bunnies and fields of bright colored flowers, there is word from Moribund Records that two new awesome releases are set for this month from black metalers Bahimiron, whose "Rebel Hymns of Left Handed Terror" is due out on the 25th, and Thrall's "Vermin To The Earth", out on the 19th, can be pre-ordered now!

Thrall - Vermin to the Earth - 2011 by thrallofvoid

Now, this week's social machine band roundup:
From the depths of Germany, Leipzig to be exact, comes a thrash outfit who released their debut album "The Venom Drips" in 2008. It's German, It's Thrash, It's good, we present to you Myra!

Here's a bit of progressive metal, stylings for you Apeiron Restraint from Norway, in their own words: " A militant atheist, a Christian, a libertarian, a hardcore gamer and an overdressed chemist have converged into a unique metal experience." Check 'em!

Here's a one we really, really dig, actually we've reviewed their kick ass album "Demons Of The Astrowaste" and really dig these metalheads from up north...ladies and gentlemen, Unleash The Archers!  Long live the Sasquatch!

Hailing from Austin, you may have heard of these guys, they feature members of One Against Many, Rockett Queen and The Bloody Texans. These guys began back in '93 and later split up,  well  now they're back and working on new stuff.  Here's Eleventh Hour!

Well, that sums it up this week...looking forward to your submissions in the long and prosper.

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