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Written By: Rene Trujillo
Oct 05 2011

Yet, again we are sad to announce that the anniversary of the passing of another great musician in the thrash metal world has arrived. Today in 2009, U.K. thrash metal band Evile's bassist, Mike Alexandermike alexander from evile passed away in Sweden due to a pulmonary embolism, while on tour in support of their album "Infected Nations".

He was an integral part of the band which is very much a driving force behind the  resurgence of righteous, back to the basics, thrash metal.

Mike had been with the band from the very beginning, playing on each of their albums from the "All Hallows Eve" EP right up to "Infected Nations".  He was definitely one of the major factors of the band's success and will be terribly missed.  May you rest in Peace.

Now onto fighting for your rights! Finally, with a nudge from social media, the mainstream news is beginning to report on how the Occupy WallStreet movement is sweeping the country.  A grass roots movement which is suddenly broken the bonds of being labeled "an unorganized group of disenfranchised citizens who have no common message" , it has become something which is gaining support across the cultural and political spectrum of America, already radical right-wingers are claiming they are in favor of a 5% tax hike on the more affluent.  Even some who consider themselves "conservatives" are realizing that this is not a case of mass "socialist" hysteria, but that the fundamental message is to rid corporate involvement in our government as well as the pillaging and manipulation of the national economy.   Matter of fact, many have finally come to terms with the fact that it matters little who you vote for, or to which side of political ideology you lean, it's the proverbial "fifth column", the true power brokers, of big money which is the problem.

The movement has now left the confines of New York and is spreading like wildfire around the U.S., most major cities now have an "Occupy" protest going on and if you would like to help have your voice added there are several ways to do it: one, you can go down and join the protesters. Two, you can take food, water and other needed items to the protesters and you can also simply help get the world out by drawing attention to the movement by telling others via any means possible.

And speaking about this issue now moving towards an issue free of ideological affiliation, we have a bud on the social database known as Twitter who recently commented on the concept of "Political Atheism".

He goes by the name Mouselink , but his name is actually Matteo, here is a snippet from his bio:

" Working as a New-York-based author, teacher, public speaker and artist, Matteo Wyllyamz describes himself as a "Creative," interested in new media, visual communication, technorealism, and futurism. Matteo writes and speaks about the ways in which emerging technologies impact our society, communities, businesses, schools, and us as individuals. (This is sometimes referred to as "trends forecasting.") He also creates visual and spoken-word presentations on these same topics. Matteo likes to tell stories. Many of them are global. All are personal.

Matteo has recently lectured at Ithaca College, Cornell Cooperative Extension, TC3, NYCC, and the Alternatives "Business Cents" program. He has also taught for CCU in Denver, Colorado Free University, Productivity Point, and the US Department of Defense. He is a magna cum laude graduate of the professional writing program at Metropolitan State College of Denver."

Anyway, listen to what he talks about, it might just get you thinking in a new direction.

2011-9-28: The left-right paradigm isn't the answer. It's the problem. by @mouselink

Cripple Bastards and Reproach album covers

Now, bringing up the mood a bit, we've heard through the grapevine that Deep Six Records is releasing a full length album from HC/Thrashcore band Reproach titled: "The Bitter End" as well as the long awaited full length LP " Frammenti Di Vita" from Italian Grindcore monsters Cripple Bastards.

Apparently, the Cripple Bastards album only took 16 years, but is worth the wait.  The cover art was done by Andrei Bouzikov who has done work for Municipal Waste, Voetsek, Violator and Cannabis Corpse among others.

Have listen to a couple tracks off of the "The Bitter End LP" Now.

Also if you're into Japanese HC punk, Solar Funeral has just got in some serious collectors items including Final Bombs-There Is No Turning Back 12" and  Bastard-Controlled In The Frame 7"  among other things, a serious underground distro for those serious about the underground, go have a look around.

As you know, we usually have a bit of black or death metal news for those of you into such dark and nefarious things, and here it is: Up and coming progressive death metal band Dischordia, who have played with the likes of The Human Abstract, Born of Osiris and Dying Fetus from the U.S. has just released the title track from their "Creator, Destroyer" EP and shared it with us. Have a listen:

And while we are on the subject of the genre spawned from the very pits of Hades, we hear that Danish melodic death metal band Illnath have just signed a deal with Pitch Black Records to release their new album "Third Act In The Theatre of Madness".  Be sure to pick it up, in the meantime, as usual we try to let you have a listen first:


From the depths of hell we run back to another of our beloved genres: THRASH METAL! We are pretty stoked to notice that 2011 has been the year where metal is transitioning back to the basics, there have been some awesome releases, and we hear that yet another Thrash Metal group outta the U.K., Savage Messiah, is finalizing the tracks on their New Album which has yet to be titled  and will be released by Earache in early 2012. They will also be supporting Evile during their tour in October of the U.K.  If you haven't heard Savage Messiah, here's a few tracks

Now let's bring it down just a notch here, many of us oldschoolers are called oldschoolers because, not only were we there at the dawn of some of the greatest musical upheavals ever, but, well...we're old, well at least older than most of you folks, and our Friends over at Lukinzine  told us about a great documentary which premiered at this year's SXSW Film Festival in Austin called "The Other F Word".

And though a couple of the guys in the film never played in bands which were part of the early HC/Political Punk movement  (more like bubble gum MTV punk) and they weren't exactly from a turbulent upbringing themselves (Tony Hawk's dad was renowned for his support of his son's skating and why he's in it, dunno), it is a must see for anyone who was in the underground back in the day and who has a family of their own now...though I would have like to have seen a much broader range of punk rock musicians who still remain as a  fundamental part of the underground and are parents themselves, I am sure there are some great stories and it'll be the tattooed dad (and mom's) feel good movie of the year.

Oh, yeah...punk rock, well let's see what we got in the news bin today, there's actually a couple o things, first we find out that Philly Anarcho Punkers Witch Hunt are going to do a show with ZOUNDS this October 15th in Brooklyn, they'll be going back to their roots while playing as a three-piece and only songs off of the "As Priorities Decay" LP.  So why not take a break from Occupying Wall Street, cruise on out to the show, recharge on some energy and then head right back!

Some bad news for you fans in Japan and SE Asia of straight-edge HC legends Youth of Today; it seems they had to cancel their tour.  The released this statement: " Just to let everyone know, we are extremely disappointed to announce that our Japan/SE Asia tour has been cancelled. We won't go into details but we apologize to all the kids that were looking forward to coming to the shows. We were excited to play too and hopefully in the future we can come there under different circumstances"

Well that sux, hopefully they'll be there next year. In the meantime, enjoy their classic vid "No More" from way back in the day...

If you're a musician, more specifically a Guitarist you need to know about Hardluck Kings these dudes create some of the baddest friggen custom guitars who'll find on the planet! If Rock N Roll is your business, then business is all good with these guys, just take a gander at their website to see the goods; you will not be disappointed that you did!

Alrighty, now that we have successfully programmed you and you are ready to do our bidding, then we want you, NAY! WE COMMAND YOU, to check out this week's selection of "Bands who chill with us on the Social Machines"...hey maybe that's what we'll call it.....anywhoo, on with the show!

First, she's five foot nine, is a radical vegan fighting "the man", loves to ski, her turn offs are...oops, sorry wrong one, ah, ok..here we go:

Recently, we took the step of enrolling ourselves in yet another social media site which is most assuredly building a database on us and will soon be transmitting orders directly into our gray matter (something you don't have to worry about over InDaPit , ok had to make the pitch) known as Google+ and one of the first dudes we hooked up with there is David Diacrono, Guitarist and co-founder of the "Blackened" Heavy Metal band Faethom which is now based out of Florida.  Have a listen:


Next is Countdown To Armageddon outta Seattle, yep that's right, their "Eater Of Worlds" 12"  was one of the very first albums reviewed on our site.


Now we have Shakin' Michael J! originating from Vermont and now, also of Seattle. They describe themselves as Hardcore punk n rollers who suck at music and who suck at art, they were also one of the first to greet us with open arms on the most notorious database of all.


Coming into the batter's box we have Drop Dead Syndicate, a hard rocking group out of Little Rock, check 'em :


When you think of Indonesia you think of mysto islands, white sand beaches, super hollow waves barreling over a shallow reef right?  No? Ok how 'bout some bad ass Grindcore!?! Here's Deadly Weapon from Yogyakarta, INDO!


We now make our way to the mysterious land of Peru, where they are throwing down some pretty decent Thrash Metal! Have a listen to these guys, not fucking bad at all! Ladies and Gentlemen, Gangrel!


Next up we have metal/thrash heads K.T.C.M., a three man metal unit who describes themselves as "Shit your face thrash"...and they tear it up!


And finally, a pretty soul group of guys, who also hail from Florida, who play a mix of prog and death metal...let me present to you Angel Scar .


And that rounds up this week's crew, remember everyone get's their day in the sun here at Thrash Head, and keep in mind that if you are a band and you hang with us on any of the social databases, we'll get to you! Just make sure you have something we can share via Reverbnation, Bandcamp, Youtube and the like...get off a myspace man...it's time.

End of Transmission...

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