Another Fallen, Rollins And Biafra Rant, Meet Give Praise Records, And Other Assorted Tid Bits

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Written By: Rene Trujillo
Oct 21 2011

kevin mahoney of siege

As we reported last Monday on our Devil's Book page,  there is lamentable news from the grind/thrash core world; Kevin Mahoney from the band Siege which formed back in '83 in the town of Weymouth, Massachusetts and was incredibly ahead of their time, passed away on October 14th.

Two years after coming together, Siege was to play a show at the fabled CBGB's in NYC, their first time there, and Mahoney never showed...wasn't long before they called it quits.

Siege did however reform in '91 but with Anal Cunt madman Seth Putnam, who has also died recently, taking over on vocals and recorded a demo tape..apparently only one track from that tape has seen the light of day.

Cause of death is unknown at this time.

irish voodoo records logoFrom the label news front we've got some exciting news coming from the guys over at Irish Voodoo Records , that two bad ass HC bands have joined the Irish Voodoo family; BRAWL who hail out of Boise and Reno crew CodeXRed, they say be expecting a CodeXRed 7" in a few months! In the meantime, go check Irish Voodoo's offerings and have a listen to these two bands right now!


henry rollins portrait The world is in a constant state of change, but recently things appear to have accelerated, and now, a couple punk rock icons of yesteryear have an opinion, or several, of what's goin' down.

First, Henry Rollins giving an interview on where he explains why he's an angry person. It's a bit short, but interesting nonetheless...

And next, we have Jello...prepare yourself for an intense rant...I should talk huh?

Read and have a listen, see if you agree.

What Would Jello Do- Part 11 Occupy Wall Street by alternativetentacles

the unheard music cover art

Now, we've got the legendary film (which took five years to make) of early L.A. punk scene favs X "The Unheard Music" Silver Edition hittin' the shelves on December 13th, . The film provides insight into the underground of Reagan era America and includes songs from their first four albums. If you're a fan you know what to do. You can score it on DVD or Blu-ray .

X - The Unheard Music Trailer by MVDEntertainmentGrp

warning//warning tour flyer

Also, If you're on the East Coast, word comes to us that hardcore punk outfit Warning//Warning from France is going to tour in your neck of the woods! Here are the tour dates so you can git yer tickets:

  • 11/11 Fri - Baltimore, MD w/ Religious War, Lotus Fucker, Sacrifidelis, Face The Rail, Nukkehammer @ Bell Foundry 8 PM $9
  • 11/12 Sat - Washington DC w/ Nukkehammer, Coke Bust, Face The Rail, Major Damage, Big Mouth @ Asefu's, 1920 9th St NW Washington DC 20001 7pm. All ages. $7
  • 11/13 Sun - Columbus, OH w/Silo, Dog Fight @ The Legion Of Doom, 1579 Indianola Ave. Columbus, OH 43201 8 PM. All Ages.
  • 11/14 Mon - Cincinnati, OH w/Silo @TBA
  • 11/15 Tues - Pittsburgh, PA
  • 11/16 Wed - Buffalo, NY w/ TBA @ The Vault, 702 Main Street Buffalo, NY 14202 6 PM doors
  • 11/17 Thurs - Albany, NY
  • 11/18 Fri - Boston, MA
  • 11/19 Sat - Providence, RI
  • 11/20 Sun - Philadelphia, PA
  • 11/21 Mon - NYC, NY w/ TBA @ The Acheron

And if that wasn't enough, we've also found out, just in time for the tour, that Solar Funeral has scored some sick represses of their "My World" 7"

goregrowler flyer

In other tour/show news, from the land of the River Walk and the Alamo comes The Goregrowler's Ball 5! Some sick bands are gonna play including Hirax, Havok, Exhumed, Brutal Truth, Suffocation, Lecherous Nocturne, Viral Load and one of our recent favorites HOT GRAVES (we reviewed the "Desecration Time" 7" and the insanely awesome "Knights In White Phosphorous")! But you need to hurry if you are going to buy tickets,because selling ends on Halloween! The fest begins November 18 to the 20th...Hurry or you may end up like Agent Starling's lambs..." I opened the gate to their pen, but they wouldn't run. They just stood there, confused. They wouldn't run."

As you know we're pretty tight with Give Praise Records, and we've always told you about some of the great albums they offer when they hit...but now we think it's time you meet the man behind the label, Paul Sunderland!

TH: Paul, when did you start your label and why?

PAUL: I started the label around 6 and a half years ago --- I was playing in a few bands with my friends, and we never really got out and did anything, but I still wanted to be involved with the scene. I had done some tape trading and Max from 625, sent me a tape from Killed In Action, around the same time I had been talking to Ben from 1-2 Go Crew / In Defence and decided, I wanted to work both with Ben and Killed In Action - I asked them both and they both liked the idea, so I did a cassette with KIA and a CDR with 1-2 Go Crew and that was the start of it.

TH: How do you decide who to work with?

PAUL: Basically - I usually work with bands that I have already worked with and we will continue to put out records together. Or, if the band has a friend they want to split a record with, or someone they think I should check out - it usually goes from there. I also have started to work more with bands that get out and tour - I think it is really important for a band to hit the road and talk to people and support their release. I know, that is what gets me into bands (usually) in the first place - so I think this is a pretty solid way to network.

TH: How many titles have you released?

PAUL: I have done about 70 official Give Praise titles - I have also started to do some split label projects with friends as well as do some US distribution for international labels that I'm friendly with - I mean, the Give Praise logo is on the back, but usually there isn't a specific catalog number for those, so maybe all told - 80, 85ish releases.

TH: What type of music do you primarily cover?

PAUL: I usually tend to stick to the fast stuff - powerviolence, grindcore, fastcore - that realm of music. It just happens that way -- I really like this kind of music myself, so I usually head over to that side anyhow. I also, really like the more raw hardcore sound, so will work with bands like that - just straightforward fast hardcore / punk. I don't usually go out of that area, just because it's what I know and what I'm used to working with. But then again, I have worked with bands like Kids of Carnage, and For The Worse -- so that broadens it up a bit, but usually will come down to the fast stuff.

TH:  What are the websites that Give Praise has for people to check out?

PAUL: Give Praise is all over the place! We have a regular website, a news blog, facebook, twitter, myspace, youtube, bandcamp, forum, tumblr (that hopefully we'll start updating soon again!) and a brand new podcast! We love the social network!

  1. Give Praise Records 
  2. Blogspot 
  3. Bandcamp 
  4. Facebook 
  5. Twitter 
  6. Youtube 
  7. Myspace
  8. Give Praise Forums 
  9. Tumblr 
  10. Give Praise Podcast 

TH: Do you accept demos and how should a band go about it?

PAUL: I totally do! I check out everything that everyone sends me! Depending on how busy the week is, it may take a while for me to look at it - but I will! You can send me Youtube links, Facebook links, Bandcamp -- also I get demos in the mail too, which is really cool! So that way is totally cool also!

TH: Any last words?

PAUL: Thanks a lot for this interview and the constant support! It's funny how many blogs / news sites there are out there, that won't even bother to check you out. Back to packing mailorder!

Well, we've got say that Paul is a really soul guy, really reminds of how things were done back in the day, and we are honored to call him a friend! Now, that you have met Paul, have a listen to the Give Praise "Legends Of Sound" album now! 16 bands for .50 cents; how can you beat that!?! Plus, you can check out a lot more albums on Give Praise's links!

Now, it's time for our weekly introduction of some of the bands we've met on the interwebs.

First up, from the land of Death/Black Metal, Florida, we have Imperial Conquest have a listen to these Black Metalers

Next from sin city we have metalheads Vile Child ...check 'em.

These guys have been hanging with us since the beginning on both FB and on the Kentucky Fried Blue Chicken ! Made up of members Mike Mastrosimone - Bass, Joe Mastrosimone - Guitar, David Schneider- Vocals, Matt Garzilli - Drums, Ruppthritis from New York, play a groovy style of thrash. Check it!

Have a listen to these friends of ours on the Devil's Book Absent Minds, a Ska Punk band from the West Coast.

And that about wraps up this update, and remember I am Chevy Chase ...and you're not!

Resistant Culture is the development of extreme and tribal music that has weaved the indigenous flute, rattle, tribal drum, and chant into an organic and flowing tapestry with contemporary punk and metal.
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