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Written By: Rene Trujillo
Nov 17 2011

portrait of corey smootAs we reported not long ago, the death of Gwar's Cory Smoot left the band and friends devastated...but what you may not have known is that he left behind a wife, Jaime, whose carrying his child.

This makes his passing even more heart wrenching...Metal Blade Records has set a up a page where folks can donate money to fund which will go a long way to help support the family.

Please take a moment and head on over there to give a helping hand to Cory's wife and child.

Also, last week we reported of another tragedy in the music world, the passing of Jesse Morris, well word comes to us that a Memorial will be held in his honor on Sunday, December 4th at Lennon Rehearsal Studios 271 Dore Street in San Francisco, CA. The event begins at 4p.m. and ends at 9p.m.

Event organizers say: "Come Celebrate Jesse's Life: Potluck, Music, Libations, and Love" know where you're gonna be on the 4th of December don't you?

Hardcore Worldwide (H.C.W.W )  shared with us this mini-documentary "Hardcore Is More Than Music 2011", a question is posed to various musicians in the Hardcore scene "Does Fascism And Racism Have A Place In Hardcore?".

We at ThrashHead grew up when there were quite a few Nazi's infecting the punk scene, broken bottles, bloodshed and hatred was extremely common in the early days. Though it has died down a bit here on this side of the Atlantic, there are still some problems in Europe.

One of the questions our Ed Josh posed to me and those who read this is "Why are there Nazi's in the scene still in 2011?", which may be the tougher question to answer. Fuck fascism and intolerance!


Speaking of Hardcore Worldwide we Recently did a review of German HC band Punishable Act's latest album "Unbreakable Spirit" and as we said in the review, the band is letting you get the album for FREE! I think the best way to pay for their kindness for sharing such an awesome set of tunes, is to buy other albums they have available, go to their shows and spread the word! So if you grab the album, show them some love in any way you can! Head on over to Facebook, give 'em a like

You scored yourself an incredible HC album, now let's talk about some other new releases!

fistula record art and vinyl

Just in from Patac is the "Loser" LP from sludge mongers Fistula. Right now Patac is offering it up as vinyl (clear, blue, black) and digital download. Wanna git yerself a listen, ok, check it out now!

Also, they have a sweet deal on Sweden's heavy Motorhead like crushers Rawhide! This one is a 7" EP which you can also get as a download. Hell, have yourself a listen and get a copy now...


evil united album artAlright, are you ready for some cool oldschool style headbangin', yeah thought so! We have some excellent fuggin' news that EVIL UNITED has just released their first full length self titled album which features the throat of Jason McMaster on vocals (Broken Teeth, Watchtower, Dangerous Toys) the earthquake rhythm section of Don Van Stavern (Riot, S.A.Slayer) on bass and Shakes West (Murderdolls, Neurotica, Sebastian Bach) on drums and rounding out the evilness are the speed picking twin axe attack of guitarists T.C. Connally (PB/DC, Cult to Follow) and John Valenzuela (PB/DC, Urial). Come on, you know you want it, it can be had here! But hey, we always try to give you a listen first right? Check out the first video....

Evil United - Dawn of Armageddon Official video by EvilUnitedchannel


Staying on the heavy side, we got some other label news that German Thrashers Necronomicon has signed a deal with European Metal label powerhouse Massacre Records keep an eye out for some new stuff coming from these guys!

NECRONOMICON - Terrorist Attack by possessedbythrash


Ok, we're turning out attention back to the underground and heard through the grapevine that Pittsburgh based HC/Sludge horde Slaves BC is offering up a "name your price" digital download of there surely soon to be classic "This World Shall Pass Away" Demo...and as always we've got it right here! Bask in its heaviness!


Just on the heels of our reviewing their awesome split release with A.N.S, we find out that metal masters Ramming Speed are about to launch their 2011 Winter Tour Road Warrior style! The tour kicks off in New York on the 30th of this month and ends December 23rd in their hometown of Boston. And by the look of the tour poster, it is gonna be freakin' hardcore for the guys, I mean we're talking coast to fuggin' coast in less than thirty days!! Any band that puts out there brand of music and shows this kind of dedication to their fans across the nation deserves some serious fuckin' you had best get to these concerts to show your support for their music or you ain't a thrashhead!

And let's talk about the poster for a second, ya gotta dig the art by Todd Ryan says it all, the road being torn apart, stuff falling out of the van, the guys playing their tunes as they drive, a demon from the depths trying to get at 'em....yeah it's gonna be a tough one, no doubt. Have fun guys, be safe and bring the true metal to those who are starving for it! That's as metal as it gets!

ramming speed tour poster

You up for a show from the real L.A. underground? Then we got a show for you, it's only $5 bux, all ages at is at the mysteriously named "The Spot" in El get the address text the Los Angeles Pyrate Punx at (323) 424-8468. The show will have Yapo, The Convicts, Out Of Tune, Hungry Ass Youth, Angels Of Mischief and Underground Alliance!

la punk show flyer

Now every once in awhile we like to throw in a mini-interview into our news... and here ya go!

A few weeks ago we reviewed RAMLORD's 'Stench of Fallacy cassette. Recently we had a chance to ask the metallic crust trio a few questions. Here is what they had to say:

ThrashHead: Who is in the band and how did you get together?

Jan - high-end blashphemy and vocal anguish
Ben - vomitting blasts of desolation
Brian - sore throated bass slaughter

We all lived in the woods and met at shows that were not in the woods. Ramlord formed from the ashes of various bands after we all agreed to make music that was as torturous and nihilistic as possible, inspired by bands we dug for a while.

ThrashHead: Your lyrics are bleak, almost suicidal. How do you respond to that?

Almost suicidal? They are straight-forward, mind-crushing, isolating, depression-harvesting suicidal! Our lyrics represent a hopeless repulsion to modern society that progressively worsens with seemingly no option to escape. Death may be the only escape.

ThrashHead: If you were playing your dream gig who else would be on the bill with you?

Man is the Bastard, Sleep, Discharge, Gorguts, Dystopia and Ramlord.

ThrashHead: What is in the works for RAMLORD?

We just released a split with Condensed Flesh this month, limited to 100 tapes (which you can grab at Right now, we are working on an eleven to fourteen minute track with a focus on going "beyond the stench". It begins with a stomach-churning disassociative sludging, which melts into a spiteful taste of black metal upon the frothing tongues of ancient before seamlessly mutating into a Neo-European-style d-beat which forces the listener to question tomorrow (followed shortly by a more traditional d-beat).

The listener then becomes submerged beneath a fluctuating stench until becoming shrouded in harsh blasts. After the dust and smoke clear, an intricate stoner melody weaves its way through the listener's brain only to dissolve into oppressive sludge. After a glimmer of hope, we return to our grim spirits and project astral hate through the interdimensional wormhole of humanity. We hope to release this in the spring on an unknown format.

ThrashHead: Closing comments?

Smoke weed//Kill Cops.
For booking/contact/merch/lonely conversations: Email us!
Thanks to Thrashead for the interview!

Peace and love across all internet metal nerds.

ramlord group photo

What time is it kids? Yep, you guessed it, we're gonna play another round of Social Machine Bands!

First in the roll call is Swedish Metal band Godsic who are going to relase their debut album "As The Heavens Burn" in 2012, the band's front man Peter Tuthill  is a friend of ours on the Kentucky Fried Blue Chicken. Check out the pre-prod EP of "As The Heavens Burn"


Outta Manchester UK we have death metal Wolfcrusher who are as they describe themselves " Melodic Groove Death Metal"...listen to 'em howl!


From the humid bayous of Mississippi comes the Cooters straight up rock n roll with a splash of melodic punk...their bassist/singer Newt Rayburn also wants Profane Existence to start their twitter account up again!


That's it! You unlock this door with the key of imagination. Beyond it is another dimension - a dimension of sound, a dimension of sight, a dimension of mind. You're moving into a land of both shadow and substance, of things and ideas. You've just crossed through the ThrashHead News Zone! Ok that was a more cheezy than normal sign with it.

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