R.I.P. Cory Smoot of Gwar, Death Metalers Cheat The Reaper, Antisect And Chuck Dukowski Are Back As Well As Social Machine Bands.

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Written By: Rene Trujillo
Nov 03 2011

 image of cory smoot in gwar costume

Just last night we were enjoying the news coming in from Minneapolis about Ghoul (whom we just interviewed) playing a show with Gwar at First Avenue... Dave Brockie a.ka. Oderus Urungus, http://twitter.com/#!/TheRealOderus seemed to be extremely stoked "Love this band!!" He had tweeted out when sharing an image of Ghoul with folks on the social machine...his last post was: " Thanks Minneapolis for yet another amazing show!!!! We actually have a day off tomorrow...rolling west here we come!!!".... a few hours later the world would be turned upside down for Dave and the guys.

This morning, as the band was getting prepared to cross over into Canada (they were scheduled to play in Edmonton, Alberta on the 4th) Gwar guitarist Cory Smoot a.k.a. Flattus Maximus was found dead.

The musician's passing took place on the tour bus sometime after the show and had gone unnoticed until other members of Gwar went to wake Cory.

The cause of death is still a mystery and there has been no additional information released on Gwar's official site.  As for the tour dates, whether they are to be rescheduled or canceled completely remains to be seen. 

Our sympathy goes out to Cory's family and the guys in Gwar.

EDIT: Tankcrimes just tweeted out that the show must go on...Gwar is still going to play Edmonton!

As you know, we are just a few guys over here and we really appreciate the support we get from our readers, huge thanks has to go out to Jonathan for gettin' this sad news to us!

Moving away from such a tragic event we move towards another event which luckily ended happily. Last Tuesday the world was stunned to see a an incredible belly landing in Warsaw of a Boeing 767 whose landing gear had failed to deploy...all 230 people on board were safe and left the airplane relatively unharmed. But, what does this have to do with music? Well it turns out that some of the folks on board just happened to be members of the Polish Death Metal band Decapitated returning from playing in the States, the very same band who lost their drummer and brother to founder Waclaw Kieltyka, four years ago.

On October 29th, 2007 Decapitated's tour bus was involved in an accident with a truck on the Russia/Belarus border. Both Witold and Adrian Kowanek, their singer, were seriously injured. Rather than being taken to Moscow, they were treated in Novozybkov. Four days later Witold passed away. Adrian survived but had slipped into a coma.

All the members of the band are alright, but a bit shaken, they have canceled appearances at both the Aalborg Metal Festival and Damnation Festival in Leeds.

INCREDIBLE ESCAPE: Boeing 767 plane crash lands in Warsaw by ODN

For you Crust mongers out there, we have news that the recently reunited legendary UK Crust outfit Antisect are rereleasing their '83 album "In Darkness, There Is No Choice" via UK label Southern Records! And if that wasn't enough for you, they are going to be recording a limited edition 10" which will include unreleased and rerecorded material which you will be able to show at their live shows.

If you're wondering where you can catch them, have no fear cause here are the dates...sorry folks in the states, you are S.O.L. for the time being. ThrashHead will keep you updated when we hear of any plans for the band to come over here.


  • Sat Nov 19 Belgium-Leuven-Plan Z
  • Thur Dec 15 UK-London-The Garage
  • Sat Dec 17 UK-Liverpool-The Kazimier
  • Sat Jan 14 UK-Bristol-Fleece
  • Sat Jan 28 Czech-Brno-Faval

Antisect - Welcome To The New Dark Ages // Puntala 2011 by Nowa_Aleksandria

We had mentioned Ghoul earlier, but now we have some news which came to us waaaaaaaay too late to make Halloween (can you say mere hours before the dead rose from the earth?), but it's still cool as hell (that saying never made sense to me); it seems, Ghoul had taken over NPR for a brief time! 

Yeah, they were asked to throw down with their own Haunted House Soundtrack. Did you ever want to know what those evil entities from Creepsylvania listened to themselves? Well here's your chance

Also, due to what happened to Gwar, we will try to keep you posted if there are any updates made for the rest of Ghoul's tour dates. In the meantime, have a listen to Ghoul's latest:

blackface album coverOn another album release front, we have a new 7" coming from founding Black Flag member Chuck Dukowski (A.K.A. Gary McDaniel)... BLACK FACE -"I Want To Kill You b/w Monster" will be comin' out on the 25th of this month, it features, Eugene Robinson on Vocals (Oxbow, Whipping Boy), Tom Dobrov on the kit (Oxbow, The Stiffs ), and on guitar Milo Gonzalez (Insects Vs Robots, The Chuck Dukowski Sextet). If this sounds like something you'd like to score, you can preorder it now

Now it's time for everyone's interweb online game show: "SOCIAL MACHINE BANDS!" brought to you by the Creepsylvania Nuclear Power Initiative: "When you want your children to grow up to be cannibalistic thrash heads, just turn on a light bulb."

Out of Owensboro, Kentucky we have metal outfit Factory Damage, have a listen:

Next up, we have Rock N Rollers from Manchester...apart from being obligatory United fans (they might dig City), they play some solid guitar driven groove...Dirty Habit

And heeeeeere's Pathology! Hailing out of San Diego where sun, surf, swaying palm trees and La Jolla starlets come together to inspire some seriously brutal tunes, they play nothin' but the darkest of metal. Their Album "Awaken To The Suffering" just came out on Victory records not too long ago...

Now, coming out of Jakarta Indonesia, we have a band who, not only have a really gruesome name, but play some heavy stuff as well: Dripping Blood From Throat

Today's news is a real downer, so instead of my usual upbeat signoffs, I'll just say that life is fleeting so you had best drop the bullshit and live it while you can.

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