Darren Shreds, Entire Savage Messiah Debut For Free And Joel From The Taints Speaks!

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Written By: Rene Trujillo
Nov 25 2011

Let me just start off by saying this news update is gonna be very short...I am recovering from an acute case of laziness from overdosing on tryptophan! Hope everyone else in the States had a great Thanksgiving day as well!

First of all, as you know we recently ran The First Halloween "Shred Till Yer Fingers Bleed" Guitar Giveaway! in partnership with HardLuck Kings and we are pleased to announce that the winner Darren from Massachusetts has received his Chop Shop Series Bombshell Guitar! Check the vid below...


savage messiah plague of conscience album artHere's a cool little deal comin' from Earache Records and Savage Messiah, who was recently touring with U.K. thrashers EVILE, both have decided to release the band's debut "Plague Of Conscience" for free!! Yep, you heard me right, the entire album is free and Earache sez the tracks are delivered "as high-quality MP3 audio at 320kbps with no copy protection/DRM", also they add; " Earache Records urges fans to download the album, pass it on to their friends, write a review and enjoy the ten ripping tracks of world-class metal from one of the UK's top bands to watch for 2012."

If you'd like to score yerself a free set of metal, you can download it now

Here's the announcement by Savage Messiah's frontman David Silver:

Savage Messiah FREE ALBUM Plague of Conscience FREE DOWNLOAD earache.com/savagemessiah by Earache Records


Legendary crust-punx MISERY are close to completing their new LP. ThrashHead learned from Andy Lefton (interviewed here) that he is working on the album cover artwork and once that is done it'll be ready to go! We here at ThrashHead are big fans and are eagerly awaiting this release. A MISERY interview...I think so!

Take a gander at this video Andy made for the MISERY song "All of Us"

Misery "All of us" by Andy Lefton


Earlier we mentioned "Shred Till Yer Fingers Bleed" Guitar Giveaway! and there was one video entry which blew us away...it's creativity was outstanding! Watch the video and then read a short interview we conducted with its creator Joel from The Taints!



ThrashHead: the video was great! Who's idea was that? Who filmed it and edited it?

Joel: That was my idea. Just sort of did it on my own to be funny and try to get a laugh because I'm not what you would exactly call a shreddin' guitarist- sounds like it worked!

ThrashHead: What is the name of your band and how would you describe your music?

Joel: I'm in The Taints, the band whose song is featured on the video. I guess the music can speak for itself, but maybe early eighties trashy hardcore punk?

ThrashHead: How long have you been together? And where do you see you guys in the future?

Joel: We have been together, in some form or another, for 11 years now and we've no plans to throw in the towel just yet!

ThrashHead: Has the band made any videos? 

Joel: We are in the process of doing a proper Taints video so be on the lookout for that on our website.

ThrashHead: Any gigs lined up in next few months that we should know about?

Joel: We are always playing local shows here in Denver. Our website is a good place to keep updated with all our shows, releases, upcoming projects, etc

ThrashHead: How would someone go about getting any of your releases?

Joel: Ah yes, again, our website; has a link to buy our split EP with Doersovit-a fantastic band also from Denver.

ThrashHead: For folks out there wondering, what drew you to punk? Who were your influences?

Joel: I guess my two biggest influences would have to be Darby Crash and GG Allin.

ThrashHead: You are being exiled to a desert island. You can only take there one of two drug riddled punkers with you...Considering they were still alive would you take Darby Crash or GG Allin and why?

Joel: HOLY CRAP!! What a coincidence! (see above answer and firmly plant tongue into cheek) But seriously, I don't think I'd like to share my dessert with either one of them.

We'd all really like to thank Joel for taking time to make the video...it was simply awesome and also hooking us up on this interview...remember folks head on over to the Taint's website or friend 'em on Facebook to show 'em some love!

Now ending this week's edition of the news, I'd like to do a quick round of "social machine bands" and there are two bands in particular which we've hooked up this week with, both are full throttle, kick ass old school Swedish thrash!

First we have Raging Steel whom we met on G+ 

Raging Steel - Altered Reality(live@Scharinska 2011) by Raging Steel


And next we have another band which Raging Steel turned us onto, please meet Insane

INSANE - Dead & Alive ("Death Race" EP) by insaneswedenofficial


UUUUUGH, now must sleep...yes, sleep is gooood!

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