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Written By: Rene Trujillo
Jul 26 2011

thrashhead and give praise giveaway

Yep, that's right!, in partnership with our good buds over at Give Praise Records, is giving away two albums chock full of grindcore goodness: The Afternoon Gentlemen - Pissedography CD and the Wadge/Soil Of Ignorance - Split 7 inch!!

fb status

This is all you gotsta do; mosey on over to our Facebook page, like and comment on the status update which asks the question: "What is a ThrashHead?" (pictured above). That's it! The best answer will win the two disks! We will announce the winner on Saturday, July 30th!


Now, that we have that seared into your brain, we are stoked to report that metalheads from New York Natur has just signed up with Earache Records and you will be able to catch 'em at these following appearances:

Jul. 31 - New York City, NY - The Gutter

Aug. 06 - New York City, NY - The House of Vans

If you haven't heard these guys, well we're here to help, check out their demo below; it just simply rips it up BIG TIME! You got some of that old school molten metal style in there with a rhythm which was custom tailored to generate flailing pits and head banging awesomeness!

alpinist_masakari split 7 inch record cover

Halo Of Flies Label and Distro sez that they have all sorts of great albums which are available now or preorder, one which caught our eye was the Alpinist / Masakari -Split LP that is slated for release on August the 2nd, it's gonna be 180 gram vinyl with an 11 x 17 poster insert, and is gonna be the first vinyl stateside release for German Hardcore band Alpinist...get yourself over to Halo Of Flies to check it out.profane existence offerings

Now from legendary Profane Existence, all sorts of great things are going down, you can score yourself the Amebix Knights Of The Black Sun 12' maxi-single which our own Val reviewed (it includes an HD quality video of the same song) for a mere twelve greenbacks as well as the new album from Minneapolis-St.Paul thrashers In Defence "Party Lines and Politics" which is pressed on randomly colored marbled vinyl for only seven bucks!!

And if that wasn't enough, they also have an LP from the HC punk outfit Against Empire entitled "Thieves and Leeches" which is just waiting to be heard by you, again, just a few dollars for some tasty 80's style hardcore!

All this brought to you by the guys who not only put out some exceptionally awesome music which we all love, but also the Profane Existence mag which is more or less FREE! You can score the latest issue here.

executioner album coverThis one is awesome, Patac Records says that Nor Cal punk rock legends Executioner will soon be releasing a new CD entitled "The Anthology "!

This album takes all the tracks recorded during 1982, and puts them, remastered, into a CD housed in a foldout Crass Records-styled sleeve which includes a full poster and extensive liner notes that gives insight to the the 1982 San Jose hardcore scene. If ya gotta have some of that oldschool you can pre-order now !!

In the meantime, have a listen:

And one last offering, for today, we hear that Castevet will be releasing their vinyl edition of "Mounds Of Ash" via Forcefield Records, this has been highly anticipated by fans of the group's 7" Stones/Salts (Paragon Records) and we got a taste for ya right here:

Four "well seasoned" veterans of the Boston Punk and Hardcore scene!
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