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Written By: Rene Trujillo
Jul 19 2011

This week! We've got all sorts of tasty morsels for ya, album releases, streaming tunes, festivals in paradise, a vid and tour dates!living eyes album cover

Deathwish announces that hardcore outfit Living Eyes have joined the label and will be releasing their "Starve For Agony" 7" EP soon! In the meantime, you can get yerself a taste of the pit which this band will most assuredly produce by having a listen to the title track here.

Matter of fact, they are slated to play at the Sound And Fury Festival in a town I know well, Santa Barbara California on Saturday, July 23rd.

Speaking of the Sound And Fury Festival, it runs between the 22nd and the 24th of this month , which is only a few days away! Santa Barbara is one hell of a party town, gorgeous views and add some serious tunes into the mix and you have all the ingredients necessary for an awesome roadtrip!! Check the Sound And Fury Festival site out for more info on whose playing and how to score some tickets!  Among the Festival's sponsors are  6131 Records and Hellfish Family .

Foundation, the straight Edge hardcore band outta Atlanta, has released some upcoming US/Canada tour dates starting on the 23rd of this month.  If you're in the area, and you love that 90's school of Straight Edge, you don't have an excuse not to see 'em!

foudation band image

And yet more Deathwish news coming in, we've been told that Punch's  "Nothing Lasts E.P." which is released by a partnership of Deathwish, Discos Huelga, and 625 Thrash, ispunch nothing lasts album cover streaming the track "How Nothing Lasts" give it a listen now!

cannabis corpse album coverAlrighty folks, Tankcrimes has some pungent tracks for you to partake of; they are streaming Cannabis Corpse's new release "Beneath Grow Lights Thou Shalt Rise" (Yep, the same we reviewed here)!! Go get yerself a toke, cough,  or two!

Don't forget to give these guys a like on Facebook and show them and their badass music your support!

Our buddy Paul over at Give Praise Records has just told us that The Afternoon Gentlemen -Pissedography CD and Wadge/Soil Of Ignorance -Split 7 inches have give praise album releasesarrived and will be going on Sale sometime next week!! Also, shhhhhh, this is just between and you and us, but he also says that tomorrow (July 20th) Give Praise is gonna make a big keep an eye on the Give Praise Site and the Give Praise FB page we can't wait to find out what it is.

Now you want some heavy hardcore/crust concerts do ya? Well, the Boston madmen Panzerbastard has set some dates for some shows where they will be playing with the likes of Kommandant, Funebrarum, Ringworm, and Nails! Talk about a pit, you better have your medical insurance paid up homeslice! For more info on upcoming dates check out the PATAC Records Website.

Also, just as an added splash of stoke sauce,  PATAC is streaming a sneak preview of Panzerbastard's upcoming "Gods, Thugs & Madmen EP....we wish it was a complete track, but at least it's a taste.

hot graves album coverThis one is awesome, as we reviewed here, Hot Graves "Desecration Time" 7" is an awesome disc!  And Greyhaze Records sez that badboy is ready to ship! Go score yerself a copy today!  Greyhaze tells us:  "Desecration Time has been entombed in wax on both classic black vinyl and on limited edition hot pink, and features two original songs and a ripping ANTI CIMEX cover".

Some news coming out of the land of Robert E.; Balaclava, the Virginia based hardcore punk band, are slated to release an EP via abalaclava album cover joint effort by Forcefield Records and Cosmic Debris (which will handle the vinyl edition) while Southern Lord will be doing the CD and digital versions.  the date for the release will be announced soon, be sure to check Forcefield's site to keep up with Balaclava and other artists on the label.

Also, Voodoo Highway, whose awesome album "Broken Uncle's Inn" we reviewed here, has announced that they have parted ways with drummer Lorenzo Gollini and replaced him with Vincenzo Zairo, a drummer whose influences span from Zeppelin to Pantera and who had been playing with the power/prog metal outfit Altair.

Filippo Cavallini bass player for Voodoo Highway had this to say: "The causes are that Lorenzo Gollini has actually decided to retire to a "more private" kind of music scene... he rather prefers having jams in the local bars than playin' around. Such a pity for a talent like him but it's just his choice, we are still GREAT friends and we are actually really happy with Vincenzo, who is a really crazy guy and great drummer too! "

We wish the best for Voodoo Highway as the push forward with their musical careers.

In from the folks at Massacre Records they have put up a couple outstanding metal tracks for you to listen to on their website, one is from Zombie Inc. -The Chaosbreed and the other from Criminal-Akelarre, both shred! Go to Massacre's Website and you should see the playlist of pre-listening songs  in the main content area, but you will immediately start hearing a song before you even click on the first track, that's from the player in the right column of the webpage, be sure to click stop on that or your head will explode from the intensity of combined metal tracks! :D

And one last thing, for all you folks who lean towards a bit o the goth side of metal, we leave you with the video Sin7Sins-Taste Of Twilight (below), whose album is available on Massacre Records.

Elvis has left the building!

Sin7sinS - Taste Of Twilight (OFFICIAL VIDEO) by Sin7sinS

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