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Written By: Rene Trujillo
Jan 05 2012

This is the first news since xmas time, It's not a long one, gotta get back into the swing of things, mind is still a bit muddled by copious amounts of chocolate and tryptophan! But we got some cool releases, concert news and, the ever present, free track or two and, sadly, one major downer from Hot Graves!

PATAC Records sends us news that they are gonna release a full-length album from punk rock outfit Revilers! In Dan's own words: " FINALLY! I've been waiting for what seems like eons to get a finished, mastered copy of the REVILERS full-length. REVILERS were the reason I started the label, I had thought of starting a label for quite some time, but as soon as I heard the 'ISOLATION' demo, I KNEW it had to be heard on vinyl, thus... the beginning of PATAC Records.

The REVILERS full length clocks in just over a half hour of pure, punk rock'n'roll perfection. Brilliant, dynamic songwriting with excellent production that is not too polished and still packs a hell of a lot of grit. This is an album of TRUE American working class punk-rock, without a single iota of pretense. A flawless blend of American hardcore, Rock'n'roll, 82' UK punk, Oi... and even a Jerry Lee Lewis cover. Get fucking ready, REVILERS are here to take punk-rock back to square one."

Right on! And to celebrate PATAC is giving away two advance tracks! You know what to do, download 'em now and keep an eye on the PATAC RECORD site or on their social machine account to know when it's time to snap up the album!!

Also, just in from Creepsylvania, those cannibalistic thrashing evildoers Ghoul are participating in an incredible show this Sunday the 8th, at 924 Gilman St. in Berkeley, California with such greats as A.N.S, Kicker, Fucktard, Discretions and Rad's ALL AGES , starts at 5p.m. and ends at 10. Only $7 greenbacks!! If you're in the bay area, be sure to go to the slaughter!!

ghoul concert flyer

If you're in the state of Texas, then you're gonna love this FREE show in Austin brought to you by the Austin Pyrate's our favorite Texas shredders Deadly Reign, with Guide and Bomraw and more! It starts at 9p.m. at the White Swan on 1906 E. 12th Street...but sorry kids, it's only for the big dogs...yeah 21 and older.

deadly reign concert flyer

Talking about shows, seems British thrashers Onslaught are finally hittin' the states, yep, that's right Nige and the guys are gonna be tearing things apart across both the U.S. and Canada, you can check out confirmed dates in the flyer blow or go give Onslaught a follow on Twitter ...cause we've heard that even more dates are being added as I write this!!

onslaught north american tour poster

Dutch metalers Project Pain have just released a video for "I Have Sinned" which is the first track off of their upcoming album...and here's your chance to check it out.

Project Pain - I Have Sinned by Project Pain

If Sludge is your thing, then we got some news for you! British band Iron Witch is about to re-release their EP "Single Malt" , which was released by UK label Witch Hunter Records this past August, on cassette via Opaques Records.

You can have a listen to the album now...if you want to score it as a digital download, it's a "name your price" offering!

And from down under, we get word from our bud Adrian who runs the Aussie metal blog MedtalDadAustralia that heavy metal outfit Double Dragon is offering up their album "Sons Of Asena" for free, you can download it now if you want or cruise on over to their site to score the front and back covers as well to complete the CD. And remember, as always, when a band is cool enough to give their music to the people, the people had best be cool enough to show 'em some support! (if player doesn't load try refreshing)

Sons of Asena by DoubleDragonAu

Now, this is a real bummer, but it turns out Matt from demonic, d-beat band Hot Graves took a bit of a spill; heck more than just "a spill" apparently he had taken a tumble and, uh, well, kinda tweaked his arm just a tad. Well, needless to say this is going to put a damper on concerts.

Recently, on the social machines, when the band posted the gruesome photographic evidence of how brutal a fall Matt took, they said the following: " Hot Graves will not be playing live for at least a month. This is the result of a 40 foot fall that would kill lesser men. The metal gods have smiled on Matt Graves."

If you're not familiar with the band, you should be because, their album "Knights In White Phosphorous" has been considered to be by many, including myself, one of 2011's most kick ass!

We do wish Matt well and a speedy recovery. And don't forget to hit Hot Graves' social machine page to send him your well wishes and to support the band!

That's all folks, over and out.

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