Two Legends Are Officially Old Phucks, The Story Of The Minutemen, Free Tunes And Tour Dates.

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Written By: Rene Trujillo
Dec 06 2011

black flag damaged cover

On December 5th 1981 Black Flag's first full length studio album "Damaged" was released, yep, that's right it's now 30 years old. Not only is it well known for the 15 punk classics which changed so many a youth's life, such as "Rise Above", "Six Pack" "Gimmie, Gimmie, Gimmie", "Police Story" and "TV Party", it was also the first Black Flag album to feature former Ice Cream slinging, DC punker Henry Rollins.

If you've been into punk as long as we have, there is no denying the importance the album had on punk rock music and all music in was one of those albums which every punk and some metal heads had in their music library and still do! You can still score the album from Ginn's label SST, if you've lost yer copy. 

Black Flag-T.v. Party by jackandarun


Now, speaking of geriatrics, and we have the right to make fun 'cause some of us are on oxygen and prune diets ourselves, Metallica just had their 30th anniversary show at the Fillmore in San Francisco! Where it was reported that former band mate Jason Newsted joined 'em on stage to play "Harvester of Sorrow" and "Damage, Inc."...apparently many of their famous buds made an appearance such as Saxon's Bif Byford and Sean Harris from Diamond Head.

It seems only yesterday when our favorite Danish Gnome Lars Ulrich placed the ad in the L.A. ragThe Recycler stating "Drummer looking for other metal musicians to jam with Tygers of Pan Tang, Diamond Head and Iron Maiden." to which James Hetfield answered.

They played "choice" songs from Metallica's history, except those from "LuLu", and all had fun. Now we could post some video from the event (there are apparently a few more to be held at the Fillmore and scalpers are already asking for thousands of bucks a hit), but I think it would be more appropriate to post something which brings a tear to our eye when we hear it, something which reminds us of how fond we once were of them. Metallica will always have a special, nostalgic, place in our hearts. 

It's Xmas time, and our friend Ernst from Swedish Punk Legends E.A.T.E.R.S told us about The Punk Rock Advent Calendar where you can score a punk xmas song for each day of the month! Why not go on over there to see what presents await you!

This is way cool, one of our favorite labels, Tankcrimes, in conjunction with Grindcore Karaoke have released an AWESOME comp titled "Life Is Shit, Take One". It features tunes from Ghoul, Obsessor, A.N.S., Ramming Speed and many, many more! Did I mention it's FREE? You can download it right here, right now or go to Tankcrimes!


Earlier, I mentioned Black Flag, which made me remember a documentary about San Pedro punkers, The Minutemen (also on SST). It's a couple years old, but what the hell, there's more to 'em than the intro to "Dipshits"...errr, uhh, I mean "Jack Ass". Check it out the entire film titled: "We Jam Econo-The Story Of The Minutemen" out now!

anthrax, testament, death angel concert poster

As you may know, our own Ed was able to check out a Testament, Anthrax and Death Angel show firsthand and told us about it in his awesome article "Mosh Of The Titans" (with video), well it turns out the tour is about to go into round two.

Rob Cavestany from thrash metal legends Death Angel had this to say about supporting the co-headliners of Anthrax and Testament: "We are beyond ecstatic that Death Angel has been invited to join our friends Anthrax and Testament once again for the second leg of this tour! More shows, more fun, more THRASH! The first leg was amazing and we expect no less on this next run. This line up is the best we've ever been part of as far as touring the States goes. Every band brings their "A" game each night, no doubt! Plus, we usually do our own headline shows on days off from the main tour, so very much looking forward to performing our long set to our fans across the country as well. What a fantastic way to kick off 2012! We have an extremely busy year planned and it's certain to begin with a BLAST! See you on the road, at the bar and in the pit!"

The dates are as follows, don't miss a show if you're in the area!

  • Jan. 22 – Las Vegas, NV @ House Of Blues
  • Jan. 23 – Anaheim, CA @ House Of Blues
  • Jan. 24 – Marquee Theatre – Tempe, AZ
  • Jan. 27 – Egyptian Room – Indianapolis, IN
  • Jan. 28 – Piere's – Ft. Wayne, IN
  • Jan. 29 – Expo Five – Louisville, KY
  • Jan. 30 – Orange Peel – Ashville, NC
  • Feb. 02 – Tabernacle – Atlanta, GA
  • Feb. 03 – The LC Pavillion – Columbus, OH
  • Feb. 06 – Crockodile Rock – Allentown, PA
  • Feb. 07 – Ram's Head Live – Baltimore, MD
  • Feb. 08 – Best Buy Theatre – New York, NY

Speaking of Testament, as you may know, drummer Paul Bostaph will no longer be with the band, he'll be working with his band Black Gates. Chuck Billy commented on his departure: "I, Eric, Alex, and Greg want to congratulate our brother, forever, Paul Bostaph on his new band, BlackGates. And while 'The Hands of Mayhem' will be sorely missed from our band, we wish him the ultimate success in everything that he does in his future."

The band will be releasing "The Dark Roots Of Earth" sometime this spring.

We have some good news for you Grindcore/Powerviolence/Death Metal phreaks out there, the Boston band Living Void have announced that they are goin' to release their first full length album "Squalor" in early 2012, so keep an eye out for it.

For those of who didn't catch their self-titled EP back in 2010, you can listen now:


Not too long ago we reviewed an EP titled "God Fukn Blez" from a Swedish band named Six In Line, and I have recently heard through the grapevine that they've released another 3 song EP titled: "U Shud Hev Invtd Me".

It features "Plata O Plomo" from the "God Fukn Blez" album as well as two new songs "You Should Have Invited Me" and "We Intend To Hang You".

You can download it for FREE! All they ask in exchange is to show 'em support! Get the word out, tell your friends, give them a like or throw 'em a follow on the social machines.


Another band offering up an album in exchange for your support is Australian thrash metal outfit Deprivation! have a listen and download "Amalgam" now! To hook up with 'em you can go to their FB page or if you lean more towards the Kentucky Fried Blue Chicken, here

Remember, if they roll into your town, be sure to get to the show!


Ok, you guessed it! Here's another round of Social Machine bands, where we tell folks of the bands we've hooked up with on the social networks so you can hang with and support 'em too!

Ghoul yes, that's right, the Cannabilistic demons from Creepsylvania! This year found these guys putting out one of the year's best albums and touring with Gwar, which means you are gonna be hearing more and more of these guys, just hopefully it won't be from the creaking of your stairs in the middle of the night!


Savage Messiah The band who just tore up the U.K. with Evile and who just released their debut Plague Of Conscience for free! Be sure and check these guys out, cause they may just be a metal household name here soon enough!


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