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Written By: Rene Trujillo
Dec 16 2011

coroner concert poster

Starting it off, let's begin with Swiss Metal legends Coroner! They guys are gonna be playing a gig in Greece on the 17th of this month at the Gagarin Club in Athens! If you in the area be sure to hit it!! Why not get stoked about the show by listenin' to some Coroner tunes now!?!


Ok, we are quickly heading into the year when the world supposedly ends, and as is custom with many a rag and site, we are publishing our own top ten list. More shall be on their way, but first the first shot goes to our scribe Val Landrum, who shares what he feels were his favorite albums of 2011.

This is the definitive 2011 Crust/Punk list, all others will be doomed to a leg of the Warped Tour!

2011 TOP TEN - (Albums with an * were released actually in late 2010)

DESPERAT - SUICIDE ATTACK EP-straight up tight and fast euro hardcore from members of Mob 47 and Warvictims

ARCTIC FLOWERS - REVERIES LP-complex post punk mixed with just enough hardcore to make it powerful with lots dark and moody parts and female vocals

HELLSHOCK - THEY WAIT FOR YOU STILL LP * -killer stenchcore exploding forth from the Portland OR masters

OILTANKER - THE SHADOW OF GREED LP-rampaging brutal hardcore thrash crust punk outta Hartford CT that just rages full tilt

DEATHRAID - ALL LIFE ENDS LP-a blender full of hardcore punk, thrash, and crust that demolishes all in its path

PARASYTIC - POISON MINDS LP-RVA thrashers follow up to the Hymn LP finds them even more amped up and devastating than ever

MASAKARI / ALPINIST LP-Masakari return with even more top shelf hardcore paying some homage to Bastard and Gauze but with a modern twist - Alpinist from Germany put forth high intensity attack and raw energy that crushes

ANGUISH - WITHIN THE DARKNESS EP *-dark and pummeling thrashy hardcore punk from Detroit that seeths with anger and potency

MERDOSO - IN SILENCE EP-blistering hardcore has some of the scandi-thrash of State of Fear and Anti-Cimex but with a heavy sound that also evokes their San Francisco home somehow

AMEBIX - SONIC MASS LP-defying any categorization and remaining powerful as ever

other notable releases this year:

BASTARD - Controlled in the Frame EP reissue


NAPALM RAID - Trail of the World EP

DOOM - Reasonable Force EP


SCORNED - Consumption you Feed EP

RESIST - Burial Ground EP

Damn! That's one hell of a list representing some of the best of the best in the underground!

immolith storm dragon cover art

Next, we have U.S. based black metal hellions Immolith who were originally hand-picked by Infernus (GORGOROTH) for his own label, Forces of Satan Records, have just announced that they are going to release their album "StormDragon" via Metalhit .com here in the not too far off future. The album was produced by Chris Grigg (WOE, Candlelight Rec.) and is one hell of record...pun intended.

"StormDragon" will be hittin' the shelves this sure to keep an eye out! Once released you will be able to get the CD at Hells Headbangers, Amazon and Metalhit among many, many others. You'll also be able to score it as a digital download via: iTunes, Amazon, Aol, Spotify, Rhapsody, pretty much every possible online retailer imaginable!

In the meantime have a listen to track 07 o n the album "Hymns To The Countess" now and download it for free!




macabra blood-nurtured nature cover art

And hell, while we're at it, let's stream another shall we? Also on the same release date as the Immolith album, we have Macabra's "Blood-Nurtured Nature" which is also from

Macabra is a transnational project between American underground illustrator legend Mark Riddick and Blegian vocalist Adrien "Liquifier" Weber (VOCIFERIAN, CONJURATOR, ALIENANTE DAMNATION, etc.)

The album was recorded in a real funerarium in Belgium and follows the dark death metal traditions of bands like MORTUARY DRAPE, NECROS CHRISTOS, GRAVE MIASMA, etc. Geezus, doesn't get more death metal than that does it?

Have a listen and download Track 03 of the album "Hominal Peel Diggers" now!




witchhaven terrorstorm cover artwork

You know what? So much cool stuff coming from Metalhit, might as well throw in this bad ass band who've been influenced by thrash, black, punk and crust. Same release date as the two above, and available through the same channels, we present to you Witchhaven and their new album "Terrorstorm"! Want to hear a track and download it too? Of course you ya go: "BLACK THRASH ASSAULT"!  This song is the third track on this demonically punishing shred fest! Dig that cover art!




From one of our closest buds from way back in the day, Dave Wright, we got turned onto this insane book which came out a few years ago from publisher Bazillion Points, matter of fact it was one of their first books, but I personally hadn't read it before and it looks absolutely sick! Rather than letting me explain what the formidable book "Metalion: The Slayer Mag Diaries" by Jon "Metalion" Kristiansen is about...check this vid from Bazillion Points!

METALION: The Slayer Mag Diaries Book Preview by BazillionPoints


corey smoot benefit concert

As you are more likely aware, Cory Smoot, guitarist for Virginian demons Gwar, recently passed away while on tour. But what you might not be aware of is that fans can make donations to help support the wife and unborn child he left behind at Gwar's website. Also, there will be a memorial benefit held Saturday, January 7th at the Canal Club in Richmond, Virginia. There are gonna be tons of bands and hourly raffles with prizes donated by several businesses and bands. Check the poster for more info.

We recently gave away a killer guitar from HardLuck Kings, and one of the contestants was a young guy from Michigan by the name of Joshua, he and others put in such a good performance we thought it'd be cool to do a little interview with some of the people who took the time and had the guts to jump into the contest.

ThrashHead: How and why did you start playing the guitar?

Joshua: I was involved in a youth group when i was younger and was good buddies with the guitarist for the church band, he got me into it.

ThrashHead: Does anyone in your family play?

Joshua: My younger sister plays pop/punk stuff on acoustic.

ThrashHead: Where did you get your first guitar and what kind is it?

Joshua: Guitarist for church I used to go to gave me my fist axe, it was a danelectro.

ThrashHead: Who are your influences as far as guitar players? What is it about them that interests you?

Joshua: Lately mark morton and willie adler, ive always been a big lamb of god fan and have been trying to incorporate more of their sound in my own music. then dimebag darrell because he really had a way of fitting his solos into the rest of the song and making it sound epic.

ThrashHead: What are your favorite bands (list 3) and how did you get into them? And why do you like them?

Joshua: first favorite band of all time, Pantera. I heard mouth for war on a video game when i was about 11 years and have loved em since. no matter what mood im in when I listen to pantera everything feels better. secondly, Metallica. first heard metallica when i was a kid and would turn on the radio and here enter sandman come on the radio.they've been a really big influence on me and i really dont need a reason for liking them. thirdly iron maiden. i remember seeing the cover of piece of mind in the record store and thinking thats the coolest thing ive ever seen, so i bought the record and loved it. I really like the way they tell a story with each of their songs.

ThrashHead: How often and where do you practice?

Joshua: everyday for at least an hour, usually more

ThrashHead: Do you use instructional DVDs or youtube for help and instruction on how to improve your playing? If so, what DVDs or who do you watch on youtube?

Joshua: usually when I want to learn the style of a certain band I'llw watch other peoples cover of that bands songs and cover them myself. never really get into lessons though.

ThrashHead: Are you in a band? If so what is the name of the band, style, etc? Do you have any music recorded?

Joshua: no band at the moment. but I do a lot of writing and hope to have something together soon.

ThrashHead: What song has your favorite solo in it? What about the song/solo grabs your attention?

Joshua: the sleep by pantera. I really like the feel of the solo. the transition from the clean pre solo just sounds amazing.

ThrashHead: What advice would you have for other young guitar players that are just starting or thinking about starting to pluck the 6-string?

Joshua: Practice as often as you can. you only cheat yourself if you cut corners. playing music is one of the most rewarding things in the world. you never stop learning when it comes to playing an intrument.

Check the vid he submitted!

Hardluck Kings and giveaway by jjacksonkelly


Alright, you ready for some more FREE MUSIC!?! How about some grind/noisecore from Grind Karaoke

Check it, a free split from Diseksa and Bastards!


Wha? Still not happy you greedy bastard?! Okay fine, how about a bit o dark hardcore/punk from Dover, New Hampshire!?! Check it, Hellhound is another outfit giving away their tunes! All they ask in return, as is usually the case with many a band in the underground, is to show 'em some love; go to shows, buy their Casssettes/vinyl/cds and give them some juice on the social machines

That's a fair fuggin' trade if I ever heard of one!


In label news, Deep Six Records sends word that they have two new releases slated for 2012:

LOW THREAT PROFILE - Middle Aged Casualty 7"

Reduced down to its original two-piece core with Bob on drums and Matt on guitar/vox, LTP deliver another nine scoops of vanilla hardcore with a dollop of whip cream and a "f*ck you" on top.

MANPIG - The Grand Negative 12" and CD

The back story on this one is way too long to get into, so let's just cut to the chase. This is an '05 re-recording of the '92 original recording that was lost by the studio. Drumming by RD Davies and guitars/vocals by Matt Domino. There are 17 tracks on the 12'' with 3 extra tracks on the CD. The CD also contains the original instrumental rough mix with bass being played by Dave Ring. Classic DRAWBLANK procrastination at its finest!

Be sure to check in with Deep Six in the coming weeks to be the first ones to snap up these albums!

Finally, it appears, one of the greatest one man acts in the world is about to hit the road again, apparently this dude, hardcore as he is, is going to do a world wide tour, hit every city in every country all in ONE NIGHT!!! That's right Santa Clause is comin' to your town! Be sure to leave out the cookies and milk, and if you've been a good little boy or girl, you might not get what you want, but you will most assuredly get what you need! And though we will most likely post another article before Christmas, we thought it best to start decking the halls of with some holiday cheer!

From all of us here at ThrashHead, we wish you the best over the holidays and an awesome new year!!

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