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Written By: Rene Trujillo
Jul 05 2011

This week we got there's quite a bit going on, our bud Paul over at Give Praise Records who was just recently  announced that they have released a great compilation of tunes from bands on punch album covertheir label.

If you want it, go and grab it  RIGHT HERE AND NOW, great stuff! Also, Give Praise Records has been working on all sorts of new projects of late, so be sure to check 'em out on a regular basis!!

soul controlDeathwish Records announces that five member punk rock band PUNCH has signed up with them and will be releasing shortly a new 7inch called "Nothing Lasts" and will be touring quite a bit to promote it.

Also, from Bridge9 the release of Soul Control's Get Out Now EP will be hitting the market on July 12th, it's a damn good album and we even had a chance to review it.  Go Here to check the review out.

And for all you folks who are into atmospheric black metal , Axel over at Rock N Growl has also given us some info saying that Dominanz is going to release their album on August 19th! So keep an eye out for it; in the meantime, you can check these guys out over on Myspace and read our review heredominanz

prosthetic records

Prosthetic Records is offering the new EP from Denver's hate grind/doom band Clinging To The Trees Of A Forest Fire titled "Visceral" as a 10" EP right now!  And if that isn't enough for ya, why not saunter on over to their clearence section to check out all the cool stuff they are selling for next to nothin'!!

Resistant Culture is the development of extreme and tribal music that has weaved the indigenous flute, rattle, tribal drum, and chant into an organic and flowing tapestry with contemporary punk and metal.
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