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Written By: Rene
Dec 31 2013

Hellbastard album art for Engineering Human Consciousness due out in 2014

We promised you a kick ass new video from Hellbastard and here it is; The removal of Intelligentsia in a MachiavellianSociety" (parts 1&2)!!

When we spoke to Malcolm "Scruff" Lewty about what to expect he said this: "We decided to record a new track because I'm an absolute hitler and made it happen,.... the track was originally composed during March 2013 and we finally made it to the awesome HELLFIRE STUDIOS in Derbyshire the same night we played a show..... completed in less than one day we were quite happy with the results... The monstrous AJEET GILL at the helm we worked very quickly and just blasted it out. The video was directed by an old friend Russell Cleave,... we had a band together years ago (1993-1996) called "Nero Circus",... Rusty was invaluable in guiding the whole thing,... We filmed everything over 2 days and had a whole lot of fun doing it.

Immediately after it was finished I was my usual pissed-off self because I'd have rather made a new video for one of the other new tracks we have... I'm like that,... it's me all over. I would have preferred one of the slower/rockier tracks we have but there you go..... the whole storyline is about a Government man that is murdered. Our good comrade "Shotgun Brady" pulls the trigger on the "Gov't man" in the end,... and rightly so, he made deals with Monsanto and Fracking Companies and he was responsible for selling out the environment for hard cash and more power with the oil/petro-chemical companies. It's a strong environmental message throughout,...simply carrying on the usual Hellbastard "theme" which permeated our first album back in the 80's - "Heading for internal Darkness".

I wrote the lyrics with a friend and there you have it. Parts ONE & TWO of one track. It's from the heart, it is HELLBASTARD and that is the be-all and end-all of it. We sincerely hope everyone enjoys it,... Scruff/Laine/Pete/Nathan HELLBASTARD 2013."

ThrashHead is also proud to have the opportunity to show you the killer cover art for the album "Engineering Human Consciousness" which is due out in 2014; the photograph was taken by long time friend of Scruff, Sam, who used to run Fury 76 Records with him.  To us it's a celebration of life, of the defiance of a humble creature, without whom, the human race could not survive, it's a testament to the power of the individual and of nature to persevere! 

So without further adieu, ladies and gentlemen, from their upcoming album "Engineering Human Consciousness", we present the video for "The removal of Intelligentsia in a Machiavellian Society" (parts 1&2)!! Crank this to eleven!!!!

Hellbastard - "Engineering HC-TROIIAMS" (parts 1&2) by rusty cleave

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