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BAND: Never To Arise
ALBUM: Hacked To Perfection
YEAR: 2012
Written By: Fish
Apr 16 2012

Floridians Gordon Denhart (vocals, guitar, drum programming) and Mike Kilborn (guitar,bass) are NEVER TO ARISE, a brutal, vicious, and even technically progressive melodic death metal act capable of creating a heavy atmosphere of quality traditional thunder!! These guys have a sound very reminiscent to that of Invocation or Decrepit Birth.....I love it!! This duo, formed in St. Petersburg, are soon to release their debut album, "Hacked To Perfection" through badGod Music, a 10-track collection of technical, blasting drum programs, wickedly slaying guitar riffs, sinister leads and shreds, deep melodic transitions, and a brutal set of raw pipes to match the fury, mixed and mastered by Dennis Munoz.

Although their music isn't on the extreme of unique, their talent, by far, makes up for it!! "Mutilation Supreme" blasts through a bloody duel of six-string slaughter, accompanied the entire time by the rapidly galloping cadence of the drums, feeding me pure fucking brutal death metal, taking a dark, haunting interlude towards the end, reaching into an etherical atmosphere and, for the fifth time on this album, displaying the aggressive talent of NEVER TO ARISE.

Again the lashing, unrestrained power and fury comes screaming through with "I Made Her Famous", a riveting jump right into a no-holds-barred pit starter, taking pause a couple of times to offer a dirgy headbanging respite of their melodic side, before driving the tempo, once again, into the claws of extreme metal.

May 15th marks the release date for NEVER TO ARISE's "Hacked To Perfection", don't forget to follow and learn more about this fresh addition of evil metal thunder on facebook, myspace, and on reverbnation

Record label from Oakland, CA. Home of CANNABIS CORPSE, GHOUL, DIRECT CONTROL, KICKING SPIT, and many more.
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