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BAND: Natur
ALBUM: Head Of Death
YEAR: 2012


Written By: Rene
Jun 21 2012

When I was a kid there was a magic in music; I would cautiously draw the album out of the sleeve, savoring that new record smell; little beads of sweat rolled down my forehead as I, careful not to scratch my latest find, ever so gently placed the needle onto the record and closed my eyes as the rasping sound sizzled through the speakers just before the needle found the groove and a rush of guitar driven rock n fuckin' roll poured forth from the speakers in a rush of energy which immediately made me take the obligatory "power" stance and windmill my hand around in the air strumming the imaginary axe hanging from my neck.

Remember when heavy metal simply rocked? You know what I mean, back to the, "it's all about the guitar and beat" basics? Well that's what you have here! I ran across Natur last year with their demo and I was floored, it was a magnificent offering and "Zorched" (which oddly enough does not appear on this album) convinced me this band was one to keep a very close eye on, and man, I gotta tell ya, it's everything metal was, is and will forever be; EPIC!

"Head Of Death" brings in galloping Maiden-like bass lines from back in the day, with, at times, some Sabbath thrown in, mind phucking melting leads and rythms, skull crushing beats while still stirring things up with a few instances of melodic riffs guiding you into a broken bone laden pit of bay area thrash tempos...truly a headbanging tour de force which I am getting into whole heartedly (rolling this thing for the fourth time now).

I love this album; the bullshit is swept aside by crunchy hooks and anthemic vocals which you can decipher and actually sing along too! Natur just does not let up! Fist pumping, head banging metal; what more do you want in an album!?!

Natur - Vermin Rift by Earache Records

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