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01 Apr 2013

Septekh-Apollonian Eyes EP

Jesus! I caught a whiff of Septekh not long ago and was incredibly excited to hear…

19 Mar 2013

Motherpig-Nojev Let

Wow! I got turned onto this by album by Stig's fiancée Tina, and it took me approximately…

13 Mar 2013


Bad dudes. Who do they call for help when the president gets kidnapped? Darkthrone,…

09 Mar 2013

Lascaille’s Shroud-Parallel Infinities, Interval 01: The Inner Universe

Artists like Lascaille’s Shroud are the living proof that independent music can strive…

23 Feb 2013

Nuclear Death Terror-Chaos Reigns

This is a compilation of songs that were only available on vinyl, 2008's Ceaseless…

23 Feb 2013

GOMORRAH-This Means War

You remember GOMORRAH? Three teenage dudes out of Denver, Colorado that shred in…

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