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BAND: Municipal Waste-Toxic Holocaust
ALBUM: Toxic Waste
YEAR: 2012


Written By: Wes
Jun 21 2012

This new split 12" LP from the good folks at Tankcrimes has been heralded as the most inspired split pairing for a metal or punk release in ages. Both bands, MUNICIPAL WASTE and TOXIC HOLOCAUST, have been at the very forefront of the American thrash revival for well over a decade now. "Toxic Waste" is a veritable east meets west, coasts that is, as Municipal Waste hail from RVA and Toxic Holocaust from PDX. While Waste are more known for their anthemic crossover party jams, Joel Grind and company shred with a far more sinister, almost blackened, thrash fervor.

I can enjoy Municipal Waste but I have to admit it took some time before they grew on me like a pestilent tumor that would have been brought on by their namesake. The two tracks they contribute to the A side of this LP, "Trapped In The Sites" and "Mourning Sex" wiz by with their brand of breakneck crossover thrash which is obviously far more derivative of HIRAX than the title of their first full-length would seem to suggest. Waste are a thrash band that write grindcore-short songs, least we forget their split with classic PGH grinders Crucial Unit (RIP), and usually all that mess about puking or getting puked on isn't enough to keep me interested for a whole album which is why I really enjoy their work on this split.

Brevity is key with Municipal Waste and so perhaps Polonius was right, "Brevity is the soul of Wit(te)." Side B features the hellish crossfire of Toxic Holocaust who I'm the bigger fan of here and that's not just because they're fellow Rip City dwellers either. With "We Bring Em Hell" and "Altar-ed States" Toxic Holocaust bring their thrash assault to the table with an arsenal of crunch and distortion. One can hear their influences dig deeper into Swedish death metal than American crossover in their very guitar tone but also lyrically. Unlike their east coast counterparts, they're not here to party. Toxic Holocaust are like America's answer to Aura Noir. They play that wicked dark thrash in the tradition of bands like SADUS and my grin can't get any wider.

Clocking in at just under eight and a half minutes this split rules and if you're a speed metal punk you need this in your life. The first pressing of "Toxic Waste" sold out in no time but the second press should be on its way very soon. I personally can't wait for the Ghoul/Cannabis Corpse split either - only from Tankcrimes!


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