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BAND: Mr. Death
ALBUM: Descending Through Ashes
YEAR: 2011
Written By: Josh Mosh
Oct 17 2011

mr death band image

I don't know if the name, Mr. Death, is super rad or super silly! Let's say for the sake of taking these guys seriously it's rad.

And...We should be taking these guys seriously, because they are as serious as Satan with boner about their Death Metal. And as for their Death Metal they come from the old school, it not super technical, in fact there is almost a punk feel to the drums. I like Death Metal of this style, dirty, brutal and mean! They bring to mind ENTOMBED or related band DEATH BREATH. But for shit's sakes...where are the guitar solos? It's 2011, guitar solos are cool again!

The vocals are low and mean but you can still understand what the dude is saying. And basically he saying all kinds of nasty and negative shit with song titles like 'Stillborn in Dying World', 'Your Final Demise', etc.

Their promo picture is a bit weird, they are all zombied out but the thing that caught my attention is that they don't seem to have any longhaired dudes in the band. That would make more sense if they were like one of those metal-core bands trying to re-invent themselves as death-core but these morbid rockers seem to be more of the true Death Metal variety and again the proof is in the pudding...They rock! No fake posturing here, just brutal metal!

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