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BAND: Motherpig
ALBUM: Nojev Let
YEAR: 2011
Written By: Rene
Mar 19 2013

motherpig cover art and band

Wow! I got turned onto this by album by Stig's fiancée Tina, and it took me approximately three seconds of listening to it before I was completely captured by its magic. The very first words you hear is Alan Moore speaking the words from Rorschach's journal, as it appears in the incredible film "The Mindscape of Alan Moore", the track is titled "MI" (Us) and damn, what a way to prepare a listener for music inspired by the existential lunacy of the world we find our souls seemingly accursed to dwell in!

The first few musical notes on track two, "IZBOR" (Choice) are melodic and dark, it slightly harkens to the great works of Amebix, and just like those crust legends, it explodes into a crushing wall of sound which forces you to move, to feel the fury and defiance; comparisons need to be taken lightly here because this band is its own beast, of course I can remark there are the Crust stylings the likes of legendary bands such as the aforementioned Amebix or Hellbastard, but there is also an unmistakable metal influenced edge to it and later on, even some oldschool west coast hc punk is flowing from the speakers in a musical tirade against such things as a slow death through the conformist reality of the office to the inevitable oblivion which will arrive upon an ignorant and blind populace who put their faith into false promises.

All the songs are sung in Bosnian, Motherpig hails from Sarajevo, and it's no surprise that such a band would arise from the area which was home to the most brutal conflict in Europe since World War II, though a very different world than which existed 20 years ago, the wounds are fresh in their evolving country and I get the impression that the writing is NOT heavily influenced by rhetoric, i.e. "I'm an anarcho punk, so I am going to write this." but more from a deeper understanding of what the world is truly about, being that they are literally at the crossroads between the North, West, South and East...conflict, modernization, globalized economy, fear, the pursuit of may not just be a concept to these guys, but witnessed firsthand. It's worthy to note that the three members hail from Bosnia, Croatia and...Mexico? Ha, hell yes! I'm definitely going to find out more about the story behind this band!

Watch out, there is so much here, you just might be hit by a curveball, for example "JOŠ UVIJEK" (Still) starts off with a killer Doom riff, and it just cranks down to a slower, driving Sabbath-like song which is highlighted by some nice leads, while the very next song " INSOMNIJA" (Insomnia) suddenly has you tasting a dish seemingly spiced with a bit of evil death metal with a crossover d-beat and then a couple of tracks later, you've got "SUDBINA" (Destiny) which has a straight up west coast punk feel to it, except with some awesome growling vocals; damn, carve a fucking bowl to this!

Each track is intense and it takes you along a journey of the words which are sung and complement one another perfectly; though at times it's dark, it doesn't leave you with a sense of defeat, it's more as if the entire world had been annihilated and you're standing there looking at the ruins of humanity unhurt and smiling that you're no worse for wear...

It drives fucking hard, it's aggressive as hell, incredible musicianship; a tight album all the way through!! Though this was released awhile back, it's still, by far, one of my favorites that I've heard so far this year!! "Are you a man or a cardboard monster?"


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