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BAND: Mission For Christ
ALBUM: The Complete Sessions
YEAR: 2012
Written By: Rick
Sep 26 2012

A fifteen song collection of all the songs that could be found from obscure D.C. band MISSION FOR CHRIST. They put out a scarce 7" called "Pennies from Hell," and got a mention in Steve Blush's book American Hardcore, but not much else was really known about these guys and that's a shame.

Very cool and varied, not all the songs are all out hardcore or punky, some dub, some dissonance, some Dead Kennedys guitar sounds, some vocals that bring to mind the Dead Milkmen which make for almost an interesting mixed cd, instead of just one band. The only song on here that I really didn't get into was the last one, "The Lebanon Song". It goes on far too long and doesn't seem to go anywhere and would have brought this up a half point more, but it's easy to skip.

All the songs come from cassettes and have been extensively cleaned up for this release and it shows. Mostly very clear and well done considering the source and age that they were dealing with. This is definitely a release that you should check out and go back to a time when punks were trying out all different kinds of sounds.

Mission for Christ - Pennies from Hell by Ektro Records

Mission for Christ - Psycho by Ektro Records

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