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BAND: Midnight
ALBUM: Complete and Total Hell
YEAR: 2012
Written By: Rene
Jul 19 2012

athenar of midnight

Unholy fuck this album shreds, as you damn well should expect it to do with such a massive assortment of Midnight mayhem running the gamut of the band's career. From Midnight's debut demo to "Farewell to Hell", this album lays down 21 tracks of blistering, mind-numbing evilness! I have to say that the album is similiar to 2005's  "Total and Complete Fucking Midnight" comp., which had the same songs up 'till "Turn Up The Hell", it increases the amps by yet another seven kick ass and rare tracks!

Under the leadership of enigmatic hooded menace Jamie Walters' alter ego "Athenar", Midnight is considered to be one of the best underground bands to emerge from the first decade of the 21st century; relying solely on the passion, heavy riffs, hooks and blasphemous blackened metalpunk stylings of unbridled rock 'n' fuckin' roll!

Midnight is truly one of the pioneers of this sound; a sound brought forth by a demonic chorus meant precisely to drag your sorry ass soul into the fiery pit before any stage they play on.

If you've never listened to a Midnight album before, be prepared to be blown away...yes, there is a punk vibe to it, with the essence of oldschool black metal thrown into its rotting cesspool of awesomenes; but you can't simply nail the music down with pointless comparisons; sure, I might dare to say, that I hear echos of old Misfits in "Unholy and Rotten" but then pick up some Venom styled riffs only a couple tracks later with "Hot Graves" and hear Lemmy belching forth from deep down Athenar's gullet on "Black Rock 'N' Roll"; but, in the end, as with most bands worth their weight in human souls, the music is their own.

This is a collection of tunes pre-"Satanic Royalty"and it does a perfect job at having all the tracks you might ever want from earlier Midnight with only one notable exception: the tracks off of 2007's cover EP "Slay The Spits". Of course, those are covers, so they might not have been exactly appropriate to put on a compilation highlighting original pieces, but what the fuck, if you ever heard Athenar screaming the lyrics to "Rat Face" or "Shitty World", you'll understand why I wouldn't mind those on this album as well.

The incredible thing about this album is that I can't really pick out "favorite" tracks, Midnight is just one of those bands, solid through and through, but of course, you have your classics like "Endless Slut", "Take You to Hell", "Hot Graves" (which incidentally inspired the name of one of my favorite bands around), "Black Rock 'N' Roll" (phuk this tears shit APART!), "Vomit Queens", "Lucifer's Sanctuary" and "Berlin is Burning"...but in the end, this thing continuously picks you up, twirls you upside down and piledrives you straight into the floor from first song to last.

I am fairly stoked to have been given an opportunity to hear this long before its release, but I almost feel a sense of sadness knowing that so many out there still have a ways to wait...I suggest keeping an eye on Hell's Headbangers via the social machines and score it as soon as it hits! ( HH on the Devil's book and the Kentucky Fried Blue Chicken )


Midnight - Endless Slut by Veil Rein

Midnight - Berlin Is Burning by mentalholocaust

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