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BAND: Midgard
ALBUM: Satellite
YEAR: 2012


Written By: Fish
Dec 10 2012

Vibrant, clear and concise comes the brilliant fusion of old school heavy metal, layered with the hybrid melodies of death metal to create a powerful sound that truly is the signature of MIDGARD!  Fans of Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, In Flames and At The Gates will certainly find MIDGARD a credible entry into the realms of metal music with the upcoming release of their first full length album, "Satellite".  10 tracks of battle ready anthems, balanced by tranquil epochs give this project a sound that seamlessly finds its way across the realms of metal history and back! 

 This foursome, hailing from Colorado, USA consist of Alex Shalenko on vocals, guitars and keyboards, Travis Boylls on guitars, Jenn Boylls on bass and Ryan Willis on drums.  To be sure, the integrity of these amazing musicians are complimented perfectly by Shalenko's vocal range capabilities, which pursue avenues of brutality then carry over to timeless arias. 

 "Empire" opens this album up with nothing less than a true feeling for this masterpiece, lulling slowly into a jamming riff, then leading the listener into the audible world of castles and dragons.  The album's self titled track follows this with nothing less to offer my speaker fed ears!  The 7th track, "Oracle", is an instrumental featuring some heavier riffs and melodies of pure headbanging metal.  MIDGARD really are a treat to the ears and "Satellite" proves to be a compliment to their history.

 Over a decade since their original formation has passed along with the release of 2 previous EPs, and a period of hiatus to be followed by this amazingly strong and profound comeback.  Currently "Satellite" can be downloaded prior to the December 15th release of the CD on their official site.  Of course the CD will also be obtainable here.

 MIDGARD may also be followed on Facebook.

Midgard - As the Phoenix Falls by Travis Boylls

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