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Written By: Rene
Oct 11 2014

This is an interview I did awhile back, but only recently have had the opportunity to publish it. At the time, I had just watched the documentary "What In The World Are They Spraying" and was quite impressed. Since then, the movie we discussed was released, as well as its sequel "Why In The World Are They Spraying?" and he is currently producing a third installment to the series; " WHO In The World Is Spraying?"

I, for one, have always been a tad bit incredulous when it came to the topic of chemtrails, some of the ideas which have been floating around were extreme and seemed the realm of the mad. But in recent years, as more and more truths about our world emerge, verifiable and well documented truths, one has to really open their minds to what is happening all around us. We have to understand information is a commodity, that special interests control what you know, that you are being poisoned, that you no longer live in a society which is free and democratic, that there is no more representation in government for the average citizen, that banks and corporations are the masters of this world, that what you see on television going on between our two major political parties is nothing more than another reality TV show meant to distract you from understanding that certain domestic and foreign policies which both arms of the same beast agree upon outlines the agenda of a select few who had come to understand the loopholes in our democracy a very long time ago.

Today, the term "Conspiracy Theorist" has become synonymous with, "Lunatic", all the major News organizations, CNN, MSNBC, FOX, all let those words roll off of their tongues like the sour juice from a lemon; through their body language and tone, it is apparent that it has become a term of derision. If anyone asks anything which doesn't fall in line with the usual line touted by these organizations, they are simply labeled as a "conspiracy nut".

Case in point, if I were to tell you that the CIA sprayed viruses in New York City subways or that that same group flew tons of Cocaine into the United States in order to fund illegal wars in Central America or how they kidnapped innocent American civilians and whisked them away to a psychiatric facility in Canada so as to be experimented upon with huge doses of psychotropic drugs in order to research brainwashing? Would you believe me? Seems like the realm of "conspiracy nuts" doesn't it? What if I told you the Federal Reserve is a private bank? Again, would you believe me? EVERYONE knows the U.S. government is in full control of our money and economic system.

But, you see those things are true, no matter how insane they may seem. And, our world is far more insane than anyone can possibly imagine, and it's getting such that people are asking legitimate questions in search of concrete answers. Unfortunately some of these folks are so polemic that they, themselves can have those very same questions be disregarded by the masses and they become targets for main stream media...they find themselves no longer differentiating between the genuinely reasonable questions and the psychotically paranoid. "News" organizations can simply point a finger at them and declare: "See? That is what a conspiracy theorist is! And if you hear anyone ask questions similar to him/her then they too must be a 'Conspiracy Theorist'"

It's because of certain people who make a good living at being conspiracy theorists that investigations into the powers that be, the agenda of a select few, the sociopolitical and economic ills which disregard humanity, all suddenly become as legitimate as those declaring this world is controlled by beings from another dimension...fear the reptilian!

Chemtrails, yeah, chemicals dropped onto the unsuspecting populace to make them more docile, we've all heard it before from those who have far too many rolls of Reynolds Wrap in their house, but what happens when those memories of childhood, ones of planes flying overhead with dissipating trails of vapor don't quite match what you are seeing in the sky now? What are some of the answers? Have they always been that way? For some of you younger readers, they may have, but I don't ever remember watching the contrails of these planes hang there for hours and grow and grow and grow to the point where there was no more blue sky to be seen.

I assumed it was simply an additive in the fuel, making it more efficient, something which was a contamination issue as serious as perhaps our automobiles, and to a certain point my assumption was correct. But, until I watched a certain documentary did I realize there may be a possible other explanation, something which was as intentional as trying to make the populace drooling idiots and as dangerous to our health as our continued dependence on fossil fuels.

The clincher for me was watching as members of the U.S. Congress listened to scientists speak about geo-engineering, while denying they had ever heard of it moments later. What is Geo-engineering? What is its purpose? Michael Murphy was one filmmaker ready to take on the challenge of explaining it to the masses, and to the skeptical such as myself, in such a way that he could not be easily dismissed without wanting to look into it a bit deeper.

ThrashHead:In the film "What In The World Are They Spraying?" it states that your journey began at the conference for the American Association for the Advancement of Sciences in San Diego, what were you doing before that, how did you come to know G. Edward Griffin and how did the documentary come to be?

Michael: This is kinda a long story; I was doing many things, prior to that, I have a background in business, went to Arizona State University, but then got involved in public service, founded two food banks and involved in a lot of activism and community service in the inner city and outside of Chicago.

But I got involved with the chemtrail issues, when someone had pointed out the trails in the sky and it really sparked my curiosity; I lived in the Phoenix area at that time, I was there for a number years, about nineteen years, I noticed that our skies were changing when I first moved there in the late 80's; there were deep blue skies, never a blemish, never a cloud apart from an occasional winter storm or monsoon, but really never a blemish, and I began to notice what appeared to be high clouds on a regular basis so I knew the sky was changing, and someone pointed it out, it really got me curious about this issue.

I began like most, researching, looking at films, and getting curious about it. but it wasn't really it wasn't until the American Association for the Advancement of Sciences meeting when I learned about geo-engineering and related the chemtrail issue to geo-engineering. I learned about some of the consequences, ozone depletion, which we are currently suffering, droughts in certain areas, storms in other areas, exactly what we are seeing, loss of blue sky, exactly what we're seeing, drought in Africa and Asia, exactly what we're seeing; but, I really began to get a deep concern when I learned about the unquantifiable ecological and human health implications, I realized that this was an issue that I need to cover so I wrote an article called "What In The World Are They Spraying?"; after that conferernce that article did very well, it was translated into many different languages and went around the world, and really made the connection between the aluminum that is in geo-engineering models and the aluminum that we're finding, in some cases, 50,000 percentage points higher than it was a few years ago in our rain.

People started to send me plane tickets asking me to come and investigate this, and I did, they sent a plane to Northern California, that's in the first part of the film, people from Hawaii contacted me and while I was there, another from Belgium asked me to contact him...G. Edward Griffin, I was just doing an independant interview with G. Edward Griffin about his work and for the interview he asked me what I was currently doing, that was after I had already started working on "What In The World Are They Spraying??" I told him that I was involved in producing a chemtrail documentary and Griffin said "why don't you send me an outline? I'm very interested in this subject and maybe we can work together to address this, maybe I can help you fund this.", he actually came to me and it was a great addition to the film, of course he helped us get it out to millions of people, over ten million people have seen the film, as a result, we've created a worldwide movement and I have various bills now that are being organized to stop these crimes.

ThrashHead: When I first saw the film, my attitude changed as well because, in the beginning a lot of conspiracy theories were essentially saying that the government is spraying chemicals to control the populace, there wasn't a lot of solid information about it and one racks it up to the two extremes of conspiracy theory, there is one where people are awakening to, which is there is a small group of people in complete control of foreign/domestic/ political policy, without any kind of restrictions of national borders and then there's the really out there "aliens are in control of the new world order" conspiracy theorists and for a long time I was thinking to myself "Ok, so chemtrails is like an mkultra sort of project?" it was really hard to swallow, but watching this documentary really broke away from the models of quote, unquote "conspiracy theory" documentaries; where there's a lot of third person involvement, there's a lot of hearsay, there's lot of people attributing quotes to other people which were never said, things of that nature, it's like blatant yellow journalism, but with this you approached it from the point of view of an environmentalist, you had people on record, you were using facts which could be easily researched such as the hearings on Capitol Hill, and the other individuals who are members of the government going on record saying that geo-engineering is very real.

The day after I watched the film I went outside, I live in Mexico, I look up at the sky every morning, blue beautiful skies, you get early morning traffic of the airplanes and you see exactly what you're talking about in the film, about how the planes go up and the blue skies disappear and you're left with a milky white sky.

What do you say to all those people, who use the term "conspiracy theory" as a blanket term to disregard any theory that tries to question or explain certain things around us? How can you say that this is very real to those who just will not believe that chemtrails are a real phenomenon?

Michael: First of all, the corporate mainstream media which is sponsored by multinational corporations benefit, which perhaps we can talk about, directly benefit financially from the consolidation of monetary and political power. In these multinational corporations, they benefit from these programs, so, they have been very effective in demonizing anybody who question the well documented science of geo-engineering as being a "conspiracy theorist" or kook.

In what that does, it's very effective in getting somebody not to look into this, we're asking people to look into this, to look at the facts, to look at geo-engineering, to look at the number of congressional hearings that have been associated with this issue, to look at the money, the funding within this, Bill Gates, look at the facts.

And again, once people look at the facts, unless they are in a complete state of denial, because it's a challenge to look at this issue, nobody wants to believe that our forests are dyeing, nobody wants to believe that our ozone layer is being destroyed, that's our protective layer, no one wants to believe that our natural organic food supply is being corporatized as a result of these programs, but it's all something we all have to face. Again, I just reach out to people, I ask them to look at facts and then stand with us to address these crimes; if we don't, there will be some serious future implications.

I'm standing in the rainforest now, it has been raining for over a month and a half and everything dying. People who rely on natural organic foods here in Hawaii, have seen up to between 60 to 70 percent decline in their ability to grow; these programs destroy natural organic foods, Monsanto comes in with stress resistant seeds, this is about corporatization of our natural systems. Everything is dying not only here in Hawaii, but around the world, it's collapsing.

As geo-engineers state, it's in a new film I'm producing now, they state, if we start these programs start over two billion people might have their food disrupted. Guess what? People are having their food disrupted.

ThrashHead: For our readers, could you explain a little bit about what exactly is geo-engineering? In the documentary you have John Holdren who is President's Obama's senior advisor for science and technology and other noted scientists, speaking at a conference on Capitol Hill openly discussing the plausibility of geo-engineering. What is it?

Michael: I think you just hit it on the head, geo-engineering is the artificial manipulation of the Earth's climate system. Essentially, it's climate engineering, so we have a group of scientists, government and corporations that want to essentially, genetically, modify our climate, why? So it can come under the control of corporations that is what is happening.

One of the primary ingredients, I think it's important you put, are multi-agenda operations, where their primary reason for these programs appears to be the corporatization of our weather. If you control the weather, you can control the planet, you can control every food supply, and every political system. It's very common to see heavy spraying five hundred to a thousand miles ahead of a storm front. When you see that very heavy spraying, it's very predictable that it will rain within 24 to 72 hours, why? When they spray the heavy metal, which is a heat conductor through the HARP system and other technologies, they have the ability to heat that metal particulate up, what does the heating atmosphere do? It rises and creates a low pressure vacuum and essentially allows these corporations to steer storms into certain areas. Also, clouds will tend to nucleate so because of that, with various concoctions of aerosols they have the ability to create clouds and to become storms or diminish storms, so creating drought in certain areas, and rain in other areas. The people who benefit by these droughts are corporations such as Monsanto, who come in with their drought, stress resistant seeds to these countries, and which farmers become dependent upon and it's putting a lot of smaller farmers out of business because they are no longer achieving the yields they once did, just a complete corporatization of our food supply.

ThrashHead: All these scientists were talking about two possibilities, controlling weather, such as averting a disaster like Katrina or prevent global warming...and one of my questions you've certainly answered but another is; is there a far more insidious side to this? People say we are a oil based economy, but really we are a water based economy, even though we're going to war over oil, foreign policies shift to concentrate on new targets so as to open up a gas field we want access to, water and food are essentially the last marketable product which everyone on this planet needs, the point of business is to create and sell a product, if you have a product which will last forever no one will have to buy your product again, but food and water are things which everyone needs on a daily basis.

Actually there are three things, air, water, food...so is this capitalism running amuck, coming to such a point that we can't even grow some corn in our back yard anymore?

Michael: Well, that's part of it, there's essentially three components of this, one is warfare, which we talk about in the first film and delve deeper into in the second film, controlling the weather gives the military an tremendous strategic advantage over the enemy, whose the enemy? Well, today it's us, humanity, because they are creating this globalist agenda...second, I think you're right, capitalism is a major part of this, there is monetary gain that certain corporations profit from, through weather control, manipulation and even disaster. Matter of fact, weather is being traded as a derivative on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, if that's not scary enough.

The third component of this, many people would call the spiritual component...

ThrashHead: The what?

Michael: The spiritual component, this is what every major religion talks about in the end times, they talk about this oppressive system rising up, Christianity talks about an anti-christ rising up wanting to be worshipped, and what they are doing is very similar to genetically modified seeds, you have natural systems, like here in Hawaii, where people are dependent on organic seeds, rain, sunshine, three elements which come from nature. Well, corporations do not profit when people are dependent on nature, because in nature everything is free. So what do we have? We have corporations who are destroying our food sources, genetically modifying seeds, and through that genetic modification they are usurping the authority of god so that man and corporations can gain god-like power. And again, the same principle of genetically modifying, usurping the authority, is happening with every natural system, if you genetically modify the weather, you can control, again, everything, every political system, every food supply, so, they are usurping, through these programs, the authority of god and bringing it under corporate authority so that man can rule the earth.

Geoengineer David Keith said "Geo-engineering gives man god-like power" and that's what they are doing. Through this weather control, again, they can control every natural system, it is very effective for agenda 21 which is the corporatization of our natural systems, including our lands, so, through the disruption and destruction...a lot of this is covered in the new film, "Why In The World Are They Spraying?"

Through the destruction of our farmland, through drought and flood, a lot of farmers are forced to go belly up...well what's going on? George Soros, with help of the government, are going in and buying farmland for pennies on the dollar, essentially getting those farmers off of being free and independent and into the corporate system, why? Because we have this corporate system that wants to be in control of everything, they want to be the source of life, the source of our food supplies, these programs enable this oppressive system to meet every one of its objectives, that's how insidious it is.

ThrashHead: My god! You know, I moved abroad when I was very young, surfing all over the place, and there was a time when I went back to the states for a short time, thinking I was going to follow the path of everyone else, collage and the whole rigmarole, and I ended up saying to myself; "You know what, I'm not ready for the cubicle, I'm going to see what life holds for me" and I came down to Mexico, I'm still here a couple of decades later, what really blows me away when I visit the states, is when I go into a super market there was once a huge area in stores, when I was kid, which was for fruits and vegetables, all sorts of produce, which was cheap, all the processed foods were expensive comparitively and it was a minor part of what was being offered in markets, the last time I went up, I was in Austin about a year ago, and there was a tiny area with fruits and vegetables and everything else was dedicated to processed foods...the fruit was insanely expensive, and I still live in a society where all the fruits and vegetables come down from the countryside to the local market and that's how we buy our food, I also realized how unhealthy American society has become because of this food, no one is really growing anything anymore, there is no produce being brought to market by local farmers anymore, there's just these monstrous corporate fields and grow farm operations which are feeding the populace.

Do you think there is an element of population control in this?

Michael: Oh, without a doubt. Population control...eugenics objectives are met, through these programs, I don't think it's a primary element in these programs, but without a doubt they are perpetuated, our health is being compromised in so many ways which leads to a bunch of illnesses.

So, my answer to that is; yeah, without a doubt. Once you completely corporatize and control the food supply, you can control life span, you can control a number of things, once that food is 100% corporatize, which I'm not going to let happen.

ThrashHead: I certainly hope, people will wake up to this and realize that this is not a question of the reptilians and grays controlling the world government, this is something which is very much real, it's being done, documented, these such as the government document "Owning The Weather" and this going back to the Vietnam conflict, as far as attempting to control the weather.

If someone wants to learn more about this what are some of the resources they can turn to?

Michael: Definitely go to my website another two great websites would be GeoEngineering Watch and the final one, which I co-founded G. Edward. Griffin, is the Coalition Against Geo-Engineering.

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