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Written By: Rene
Jan 12 2014

 memphis and family

If you have not heard of Memphis and his annual food drive, now is the time to become familiar with what this little boy is doing.

Our long time friend Juanita is trying to make as many folks as possible aware of Memphis' righteous cause and we here at ThrashHead are very proud to have been asked to help spread the word again this year!

Juanita has this to say:

Hi Friends,

I am hoping to enlist your help. I am working with a very good friend of mine's son for his annual food drive. Memphis is 8 years old, about to turn 9 and each year for his birthday, he does a food drive for his local food bank!

As he is turning 9 this year, his goal is to raise enough money for 999 meals! I was hoping that you would be able to promote this in any way possible, on your blogs, on your social media, liking his Facebook page and sharing with as many people as possible, as we need more children in the world like this who think about others and not just themselves. He truly is a special young man and I'm doing what I can to help!

I thank you in advance for any assistance you can offer!

Kindest regards,


Memphis' fund raising page can be found here

And on Facebook

memphis annual food drive


memphis' annual food drive for the less fortunate

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