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BAND: Maelstrom
ALBUM: It Was Predestined EP
YEAR: 2008


Written By: Josh Mosh
Oct 24 2011

Dude…This is so metal!  This is epic Heavy fucking metal!  It makes the hair on my nape stand up with it’s awesome metalness and ability to slay all weak wanna’ be metal dorks that may stumble warily into their path.  Beware!

MAELSTROM defies all sub-genres and throw so much at you in each song I feel that Bill and Ted guy dodging bullets in the Matrix or some shit.  Shit is coming at from all directions and I have to duck and weave and bend and…you get the picture.  Listening to these dudes makes me sweat.

Each song takes the listener through an orgy of styles without ever becoming confusing or distracting.  Most of the time when bands really try to explore too many styles they  lose it and ends up sounding like a big ugly mess.  Not so with MAELSTROM, they somehow keep it all tied down and pointed in the right direction.

Let’s break it down, we’ll start with guitars.  They rip!  They go from dancing circles around Yngwie to reminding Scott Ian what a good thrash riff sounds like to getting all folky with some Dungeons and Dragons style picking!  Total power metal, to thrash, and dare I say Black Metal and back again.

The drums are perhaps what keeps everything grounded and tethered safely to a recognizable song structure.  The dude behind the kit is a madman and pounds the skins with the fury a 14 year old with a Hustler pounds his…well you know what I mean.  The dude is unrelenting and a master of his craft.  He plays the entire kit while employing a skill and control that I would compare to Scott Travis of the might PRIEST. 

And if you really want a comparison I would stick with the comparison to PRIEST (Painkiller era) but with some healthy, fat lines of extra battery acid infused meth!   

The vocals are so fucking insane I don’t even know how to describe them.  They are unique and seem to come from a man possessed with battle lust. With the scent of blood in his nostrils he is ready to rip your fucking face off and scream at you with the fury of a Cimmerian battle cry!  This dude is insane and sounds like some berserker charging out of the woods with battle axe in hand!  The vocals are clean but so full of rage.  I don’t know who this lunatic is but he may be one of my favorite metal vocalists after this.  Fuckin dude rules!   Remember how the vocals on VIO-LENCE ‘Eternal Nightmare’ were a little different and so badass?  Well it’s kind of like that but way radder!

I’m having a hard time picking a stand out track, but there are only three and they are all face shredders.  With that said, I would have to go with ‘Arise’ and ‘Predestined’.  It’s almost like the singer was just getting warmed up on the first two, he’s even madder on ‘Predestined’.  Another thing of note with this last track is that it is almost two minutes shorter than the other songs.  I like that my one complaint would be that seven minutes is pushing it a bit.

Metal  \m/

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