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BAND: Macabra
ALBUM: Blood Nurtured Nature
YEAR: 2012


Written By: Brian Brinson
Mar 05 2012

In a rather random transnational pairing, famed American underground illustrator, Mark Riddick (on all instruments) and Belgian vocalist, Adrien "Liquifier" Weber, also known for his work in bands such as Vociferian, Conjurator, Alienate Damnation, and others, have created MACABRA, and with that creation have released their first full length album, "Blood-Nurtured Nature" on Metalhit. Wow, a one man band with guest vocals!! This album screams of old school traditional melodic death metal!! Taking one digressive path about mid album to a more sludgy vein before returning right back to the soul shaking riffs of damnation the album announced itself with. For fans of Mortuary Drape, Necros Christos and Grave Miasma, this album is right up your alley.

"Life Is The Symptom" opens up the first of 8 tracks with a wicked hammering of brutal death metal progression, balanced on all sides by Riddick's apparently superb musicianship. Weber's vocals add a haunting, almost other dimensionally demonic howl to the already evil pounding of heavy fucking metal!! "Hominal Peel Diggers" offers nothing less. Opening itself up with the dark morning fog of eerie keyboards before dropping right into the hellish onslaught of Riddick's already noticeable signature style of brutality, and digressing darkly on a detour of wandering lost souls, this track also speaks clearly and highly of the vaulted sounds of this amazing band.

Featuring cover art by Halseycaust and recorded in an actual Belgian funerarium, "Blood-Nurtured Nature" by MACABRA is now available in stores and can also be found on, where the band can also be followed, and can also be scored digitally at, iTunes, eMusic,, Rhapsody, Napster, Yahoo Music, AOL Music, Zune, Spotify, and other digital music retailers.

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