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BAND: Little Miss And The No Names
YEAR: 2011


Written By: Josh Mosh
Dec 12 2011

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A few years ago CLUSTERFUX played the Boise Pyrate Punx Landlocked Fest.  The singer for LITTLE MISS, Rebecca, was hands down the coolest person there as she made sure we were fed and taken care of.  That was my introduction to this Boise punk band.

 They played a killer set that day and were certainly one of the crowd favorites.  I had heard that the band featured two former members of SEPTIC DEATH and with that in mind I was surprised by their VICE SQUAD / UK 82 punk sound.  Rebecca and crew were highly energetic and kicked the ass out of Boise under the blistering sun on the outside stage. 

 This cassette demo really kicks it up a few notches and as their sound seems to have matured a bit.  They seem to draw more from US Hardcore on this most recent effort.  Immediately the bass tone caught my ear with it’s fuzzed out distortion and the guitar is heavier and more powerful too.  As a result their sound is much fuller, way more aggressive and more pissed off.

 Rebecca really pushes it with the vocals and shies more from the singy punk voice she was using before.  On this outing she opts to scream right in your fucking face while tearing your throat out Patrick Swayze / Roadhouse style.  Fuck yeah!  

 The lyrics are approached from a personal stance and deal with the scene blues and small town bullshit.  Having come from a small town myself I can really relate.  I could really relate to the lyrics of ‘Scene Hick’  she calls out small town red-neck punks.  This is pretty funny shit and really reminds me of Grand Junction!

 Again, this is  very well done, powerful, hardcore, punk rock effort from a kick ass band from Boise Idaho.  There are free downloads and available and suggest you take a few minutes to nab ‘em. 

Little Miss and the No Names by Mormo

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