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ALBUM: New Wave Of Brutality & Hardcore Massacre - 12” LP
YEAR: 2011

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Written By: Val Landrum
Jun 16 2011

Total over the top mayhem!  KRIEGSHOG hail from Tokyo Japan and have put together an LP that blends "traditional" full tilt Japanese hardcore such as LIP CREAM and GAUZE with the noise of DISORDER or CHAOS UK without coming out like another d-beat clone. 

KRIEGSHOG attack with harsh and urgent vocals on top of crushing guitar riffs, relentless, pounding bass and manic drumming; with just the right amount of chaotic distortion to make it seem like a locomotive out of control. The LP comes neatly packaged in a black gatefold cover with awesome old school cut and paste artwork with lyrics in both Japanese and English depending on the song.  These thrashers have been destroying eardrums since 2007 and have a few other releases that are becoming very hard to find so if you can get one of these you should.  Having seen the assault these Japanese punks unleashed at Chaos in Tejas (especially at the late night after party at the Broken Neck) this year makes listening to this record even better.

Four "well seasoned" veterans of the Boston Punk and Hardcore scene!
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