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BAND: Krang
ALBUM: Sounds of Death LP
YEAR: 2012
Written By: Josh Mosh
Feb 13 2012

It seems like anytime I meet dudes from Chicago they don't know any of the other dudes that I've met from Chicago. It's a big city, I get that, but c'mon...Doesn't anyone there talk to anyone else from there? Just an observation...

KRANG are from Chicago and they play brutal, down tuned crust with ripping, dive-bombing heavy metal guitars. I love this shit and this album does a really great job of capturing what I like about this type of music so much!

They play faster than the bands like STORMCROW or SANCTUM and don't have quite as blown out of a sound. KRANG probably has less in common with BOLTTHROWER and are more tuned into maybe DEVIATED INSTICT and their style of stench crust. The drumming is pretty straight forward and keeps a nice punk beat behind the bitchen' riffs cooked up by a dude named Austin. Way to go Austin!

The vocals are gruff and crusty while avoided the cookie monster belch. Although very aggressive to can actually tell what throat-man Brendan is trying to get across. There are even gang-chorus back-ups that really brighten up a few of the tracks and offer crust punk sing-alongs. Another tactic that keeps the songs exciting.

The album come complete with lyrics, a poster and has all around cool artwork of skelton warriors and axes, daggers, brains and crust imagery. I like that they broke free of white on black for the album cover and went with a primarily white sleeve with black artwork. It makes the album cover stand out from my other records, and even makes it seem kind of fresh.

For those that might already be familiar with this band, they seem to have lost a member. Some of the earlier stuff highlights female/male vocals. Only Brendan is holding the lead mic on this release...

All in all Sacred Plague stokes me out again with another solid release!

Listen to early versions of the songs which appear on this album.


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