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BAND: Krang
ALBUM: Bad Moon
YEAR: 2014
Written By: Fish
Nov 20 2014

krang band

If you've been around our page, Chicago, or possibly some realms of the musical internet, then chances are you've heard of KRANG. The fact that they've only been performing as a band for 5 years makes the heavy, riveting volume of this release, "Bad Moon", extra special to me. I mean, not only is this still quite a young band, but this album has elements and depth that come from very powerful traditions of metal punk evolution.

Let's start with "That Ghost", the intro track. It starts off very eloquently classical, with finger picked appregios, building slowly to a heavy, riff backed, solo crescendo, until blossoming in an instant into the brutal fucking stench core that they are already known for on previous releases! Bam! Beautiful, melodia and powerful! The flip side actually offers a very similar introduction with "Fall Of Dove", gently ebbing and flowing, more amplified in its beginning this time, but gently nonetheless until catching those catchy galloping riffs again before the gravelly yet understandable vocals drop into this one. The rest of the album, however, remains heavy and brutal.

Krang Bad Moon Album Cover

Each side offers 4 tracks, running a total play time of just over 30 minutes, but seriously worth it! In fact, my only complaint is that there just wasn't more music on here. I loved it! And KRANG have definitely proven that they merely get better with time!

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Niko Zaglaras in their hometown of Chicago, and featuring artwork by Sara Sotaa, the album is not only an audible treasure, but quite visually aesthetic as well, displaying the morbid image of impaled heads and half torsos in visible advancing decay while being defended by carrion birds. Additionally, the cover features a brighter use of colors than the average crust album, blending grays and reds into the picture. Oh, and to make it even cooler, this is pressed on traditional 180 gram vinyl!

Available for digital download on BandCamp, "Bad Moon" can also be purchased through Sacred Plague Records, Occult Whispers Records (), Shaman Records, as well as Profane Existence . But honestly, what better way to grab yourself a copy than from the band themselves at a show? So keep up with KRANG on Bandcamp to learn about tour dates and upcoming releases!

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