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BAND: Kingshead
ALBUM: Saints/Ghosts of Flatbush EP
YEAR: 2012


Written By: Rene
Sep 06 2012

kingshead live

Virginia is known for putting out some outstanding bands across all genres of music; especially those who dwell in the sordid, politically charged, soured beer stench of the underground scene and here is another band you can certainly add to the already impressive list of crusty metal tinged punk outfits hailing from south of the Mason-Dixon line...Kingshead!

A couple of years after the release of their "All My Friends Wear Black" Demo EP this punk quartet has come up with an outstanding little piece of rock n roll. The sound to it is uncharacteristically crisp and full for such a release, rarely does one hear this kind of production on small EPs; but, that is very likely due to the fact that Kingshead understood the importance of perfecting their art by getting the right guy to put on the finishing touches; and that guy would be the audio engineer meister himself, Brad Boatright (From Ashes Rise) of Audiosiege

The only major drawback to this EP is that there aren't enough songs! Side A opens with "Saints" which has a forceful crunch and an almost, dare I say, sludge-like intro to it; it's not hyper fast, but keeps the tempo going with impressive beats, tight string work and aggressive shouting vocals.

"Ghosts of Flatbush" is another bruiser that creates an apocalyptic atmosphere with its feedback before taking off into a sweet, aggressive punch of the drums and thumping bass strings riding shotgun with sick, inspired guitar riffing which certainly gets the blood pumping. All in all, this album has some serious juice!

As with a lot of the bands we review here, these guys are doing it on their own and could use your support, you can hook up with them on the social machines here and here, download both this album and "All My Friends Wear Black" Demo and even score some merch...a demo cassette or even koozie to keep the brew cold perhaps? Above all, do what we do; have a listen, and if you like what you hear, don't let up on spreading the word!


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