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BAND: Karmablade
YEAR: 2011


Written By: Brian Brinson
Dec 27 2011

karmablade portrait

Hailing mightily from Uppsala, Uppsala län, the fourth largest city in Sweden, KARMABLADE is the screaming vengeful fury that is death/thrash metal!! A force of pure battle fury with amazing thrash riff integrity, this threesome are nothing less than bad-ass!! Forming in 2010, and claiming to be inspired by "the inner self", KARMABLADE consist of members Max (Guitars/Vocals), Johan (Drums), and Milidrag (bass). Very traditional, heavy-ass metal guitar riffs come shrieking from Max's fingers as he delivers and amazingly brutal vocal epic in each song, partnered by very the very fluidly punchy bass patterns handed down by Johan, and backed wickedly by the mastery of Milidrag's thunderously blasting double bass kicks. Let me just sum it up in one statement, these guys are amazing!!!

With a small arsenal of songs already under their belt, sure to make any live performance an epic collage of the intensity these musicians share, their already released demo is sure to garner the attention these guys are seeking. Although the demo is in circulation, currently, the band wishes to make all of their songs available for free downloading on iTunes and Spotify. Right out the gate, "The Almighty Architect" opens with a beautiful, but rapid, melodic death metal intro, immediately laced by nothing other than the solid elements of pure thrash metal. If you could possibly imagine the love child of Exodus and Skeletonwitch, you would have an idea of what I am listening to right now.

Quite honestly, there is nothing I have heard on this demo that is not brilliant, full of intensity and screaming out of the speakers at me!! "Temporary Existence" is just another bad-ass, heavy gravy passage into what KARMABLADE has to offer, full of deep, dark riffs and the brutal vocalization that is the signature of this act. This is a band to follow, whether on MySpace, Facebook, Spotify, iTunes, or directly into the pit!!

karmablade in studio

Karmablade - Temporary Existence by niledeathmetalgods

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